Classification Essay: Topics And Writing Tips

classification essay

One of the most common and effective uses of a classification and division essay to help educators evaluate and determine a student’s writing skills and abilities, specifically as they relate to thinking and organizing subjects categorically based on a set of characteristics. Students typically see this kind of task at the high school level, but it can be encountered as a middle school assignment. Indeed, if you look up examples of classification essay on the web, you may find that level of writing and variety of topics is appropriate for students of all ages and should be something you focus on to improve your overall writing capabilities.

Answering the Question: What Is a Classification Essay?

This is a very common question with a very simple answer: A classification essay is an assignment that asks you to define and classify things into groups. It’s quite simple and may even help you improve with other types of writing assignments. There are endless possibilities (e.g., you can write about songs, movies, sports, politics, chemicals, nutrients, foods, etc.) and how you choose to define and classify things is entirely up to you.

How to Write Classification Essay

Now, we’ll discuss briefly how to write a classification essay. The first thing you need to do is to consider numerous classification and division essay topics in order to find something you feel comfortable classifying or categorizing. Brainstorm the possibilities and come up three to four categories to divide up your topic, and then start moving sub-topics underneath each category. This will make for a great outline so be sure to create one before you start the first draft. After writing a rough draft you may find that it is better to leave stuff out or put stuff in – do this during the process of revising your work.

If possible, refer to a classification essay example until you gain the confidence to do this assignment on your own. You can even use the example to help structure your outline and a subsequent draft. Unlike other types of academic assignments, a classification essay definition follows a specific structure. So you can learn to put together a great paper by using a reliable example as a sort of template.

Essential Elements & Pieces of the Essay

All types of academic papers, including definition essays as well, should have an intro, body, and conclusion. You will also need to include a thesis statement telling the reader what it is you are trying to accomplish by classifying your subject into distinct parts. This is different from an argumentative essay but still needs to be clear about its intent. Move from one sub-topic (or category) to the next with transitional statements and keep each body paragraph to just one discussion point. This will ensure the reader can understand your content easily without having to go back and re-read material that may have been poorly presented.

Your educators may provide you with a list of preselected classification essay topics to choose from, but in most cases, you are encouraged to develop your own. A good rule of thumb is that you write on a topic that really interests you, as your curiosity will come through in your writing and make for a more enjoyable read. If you can’t come up with any topics of your own, we’ve got excellent classification essay ideas for you to try out.

20 Great Classification Essay Topics for College Students

General Topics

  1. Identify and discuss influential political figures that have had the greatest positive international impact.
  2. Discuss the different political parties in the United States and point out their similarities or dissimilarities.
  3. Write a classification essay on the different types of ballroom dances that originate from Latin American.
  4. Describe the most commonly employed file ending technique and how they influence filmmakers across genres.
  5. Describe the different types of marriages around the world and point out their similarities across cultures.

Sports Topics

  1. Identify and discuss the difference in fan engagement at live sporting events throughout the world.
  2. Write a classification essay on the different types of serious injuries suffered by professional athletes.
  3. Describe the most effective exercises designed to build stamina and speed for athletes in professional sports.
  4. Look at the different rules across global organizations of the same sport, such as hockey, football, golf, and soccer.
  5. Identify the ways in which athletes rehab similar injuries in different professional sports around the world.

Technology Topics

  1. Classify the different activities today’s youth access the internet to do and how it compares to older generations.
  2. Discuss the way technology affects the way consumers learn about and deal with health issues and concerns.
  3. Describe the different types of technology users around the globe. Consider age, gender, religious affiliation, etc.
  4. Classify the different types of the most popular smart devises and the ways in which people use them for productivity.
  5. Explain the differences between users of tablets and laptops. Discuss the different activities each type of user does.

Education Topics

  1. Identify the different styles of effective learning for students. Explain the similarities relevant to specific subjects.
  2. Consider the ways in which students incorporate or use technology to supplement in-class lectures and seminars.
  3. Classify different physical activities and the lengths in which students conduct them to determine effectiveness.
  4. Define the different types of standardized tests and classify the core skills each seeks to evaluate in students.
  5. Classify similar learning and studying habits among students who perform well academically versus those who do not.

The above topics for classification essay are free to use and share with your classmates. We recommend you use these as a starting point to brainstorm or develop your own topics. You should also find classification essay examples to reference and learn from until you feel you’ve gotten the hang of writing one on any subject. We advise you to hire a professional writer to procure one or you can search for examples in a variety of writing guides at your local library.

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