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5 10 in inches


5’ 10’ in inches is 70 inches! Normally, doctors and scientists do not measure height in inches and feet. Height is measured by these professionals in centimetres. If you know your height in feet and inches but need to provide that information in centimetres, you can easily use an online converter.

At 5’ 10’, you are slightly above the average height for men. The average height for men is 5’ 9’. Note that this is the US standard. In other countries, the average height for men and women differ. The Netherlands has the highest average at six feet or 182.5 centimetres.

Whether your height reaches the average in your region shouldn’t be a matter of concern though as far as you’re eating right and taking care of yourself. It has been discovered that sickness or a poor diet can prevent a child from growing tall. You don’t have to be ashamed of your height, no matter your region.

You don’t determine your height and as long as you’re eating right, you should let it affect your self-esteem.

3 years ago