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Psychology l college student problems l please help

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Darren is a first-year college student who has a biting, sarcastic manner. He has a pessimistic outlook on life and feels that a few powerful people run the world. When he received a poor grade on a recent exam, Darren blamed the instructor and claimed the test was unfair. He stopped attending lectures, gave up studying for the course, and will probably drop it. He is experiencing similar difficulties in his other courses.

Darren always dreamed of doing well in college. Now he is despondent over his failure and believes his professors hate him. Most of all, he is concerned that if he fails in school his parents will no longer love him.
How might Darren’s problems be explained from a psychoanalytic perspective?
How might Darren’s problems be explained by a trait theorist?
How might Darren’s problems be explained by a humanistic theorist?
How might Darren’s problems be explained by a social-learning theorist?
Which perspective most closely represents your own belief about Darren’s problems? Why?
asked Jul 24, 2017 in Other by Susan

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