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Compare authoritarian vs totalitarian regimes


There are different ways of ruling execution and that is what mainly differentiates totalitarian regimes from authoritarian ones. An authoritarian regime is the exact opposite of a democratic government just like in a totalitarian regime. Authoritarian power is vested in an individual or a group of people that are not chosen by the people. The decisions in an authoritarian rule cannot be appealed because opposition is not allowed. This is typical in China and Russia.

In a totalitarian regime, every aspect of the lives of the people is controlled through ideals for the community and ideas of common interests. Although residents may seem free, their actions and lives are carefully controlled through the surveillance of the meticulous government. Both totalitarian and authoritarian regimes are usually confused because they are all opposite to democratic regimes. All actions taking place in the country are controlled by the regime and this interferes with the lives of the people.

3 years ago