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What are some examples of cultural traits?


Culture refers to a set of rules, designs, patterns, etc. that are specific to a group of people as part of their way of life; these patterns seek to establish unity within a social construct or group, in a way that makes such patterns, ideals, activities, etc. of utmost importance to the natives.

Cultural traits refer to characteristics, history, aspects, traits, etc. that permit the transfer, adaptation, and assimilation of one aspect of culture by another group or social construct. For example, the vuvuzela which likely originated from South Africa as a celebratory musical instrument used during football games has now become a cultural trait of many football lovers and fans all over the world.

Some elements of culture that are seen in cultures around the world are values, traditions, belief systems, ritual and initiation practices, cultural symbols, etc. As such, cultural traits could be techniques, attitudes, objects, etc.

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