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Define sociocentrism. Provide examples


Sociocentrism is a philosophical concept that arose as a result of the global civilization development. In this concept, the priority belongs to the community in the relationship between the individual and culture. This idea is a societal strategy applied when the social dimension of an individual occurs and is seen as the epitome of social principles. With sociocentrism, individuals can see the arrogant side of modernity concerning the increasing autonomy of a man about laws and the constraints of nature.

A typical example of a sociocentrism standpoint is Marxist teaching. According to Marx, a person can only comprehend another through society and history. He believed that humans are what history makes them and not their biological make-up. This is also seen with the Confucian philosophy that stresses the need to respect elders and rulers while keeping the stipulated commandments in order to shun inconsistency, immorality and confusion.

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