QAEconomics › Governments collect taxes to ensure that:

Governments collect taxes to ensure that:

a. citizens contribute to meeting society's needs.

b. there is sufficient money to fund private businesses.

c. politicians get paid in a timely manner.

d. a government program exists for every need that arises.


Answer: A. Governments collect taxes to ensure that citizens contribute to meeting society’s needs.

Naturally, some services will not evolve on their own, so there needs to be a way to fund said services. The government imposes taxes on citizens to ensure that public services like medical facilities, education, recreational facilities like parks, etc. remain accessible through public revenues.

Taxes help to finance human capital investments, basic infrastructural and societal needs, the provision of business services, etc.

In short, government taxation helps to generate a public fund reserve to facilitate investments in sustainable development goals by establishing equity of income.

3 years ago