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How does amoeba obtain food?


An amoeba obtains its food by fusing with the food particle along its path. How they do this is by creating two branch-like protrusions of the part of their unicellular matter that is closest to the food particle. This branch extends outwards around such that it surrounds the food particle, encasing it in the vacuole, before completely closing in on it.

When the food particle gets into the food vacuole, it is broken down from its complex state into energy that is easily digested and absorbed by the amoeba.

The process by which an amoeba obtains its food is referred to as endocytosis. The two branch-like structures that are formed and which protrude from the amoeba are referred to as pseudopodia.

Amoebas have no defined nervous system, so they cannot see their prey. However, they can “sense” their prey through a primitive yet very effective process referred to as chemotaxis.

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