QAPsychology › In general, coping with stress includes __________.

In general, coping with stress includes __________.

A. negative coping strategies

B. positive coping skills

C. positive attitudes

D. all of the above


Answer: B. positive coping skills

Coping skills are skills used to minimize, deal, or tolerate certain situations in life. Generally, stress management will always make you feel better psychologically and physically and this in turn increases your chances of performing your best. Very pronounced life events, positive or negative, are capable of causing a significant amount of stress. With this, there is a constant need to adjust to this stress. Coping can be conscious or unconscious depending on the person. So many coping strategies are known today and these strategies have proven to be very useful in dealing with unpleasant emotions. Positive coping strategies tend to reduce and manage stress in one’s life.

3 years ago