QAHistory › In the 1930s, Germany first began to expand aggressively by:

In the 1930s, Germany first began to expand aggressively by:

A. Invading Russia.

B. Rebuilding the German military.

C. Joining German forces with Italy.

D. Making a pact with China.


Answer: B. Rebuilding the German military.

In the 1930s, Germany, in a bid to expand, began rebuilding and reforming its army. This act laid the foundation and set a solid basis for several notable and prominent military actions known today. Although against the deal of the Post World War I era, other world powers at that time thought of Germany’s move to militarize as nothing serious and without any consequences. They were wrong, obviously. This move by Germany paved the way for severe and extreme military actions by Germany in the years to come. These world powers who saw Germany’s militarization as nothing serious witnessed the terror Germany exerted on global peace and Germany’s reputation as a stronghold in other wars to come. Germany’s militarization, in the long run, helped satisfy her territorial ambitions.

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