QAEconomics › Six sigma programs involve both __________ and __________ components.

Six sigma programs involve both __________ and __________ components.

A. probabilistic; deterministic B. logistical; managerial C. statistical; probabilistic D. managerial; technical E. local; global

Answer: C. Statistical and probabilistic components.

The six sigma is a collection of tools and methods employed to aid in improving upon any process used in business. Essentially, the sigma six is used to eliminate errors and defects that may come up in the design or implementation of opportunities.

Statistically, the sigma six process is expected to produce 99.99966% error-free opportunities.

The method employed in sigma six strategies is to identify and minimize the instances of defective elements, by the use of empirical and statistical processes.

Essentially, each of these opportunities follow a strict set of programs that depend on statistical and probabilistic components. The goal is using empirical methodologies to refine companies’ methods in maximizing the satisfaction customers derive from their products and services.

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