QAHistory › The Glorious Revolution of 1688 demonstrated that Parliament had:

The Glorious Revolution of 1688 demonstrated that Parliament had:

A. less power than ever before

B. the right to declare war

C. power over the English monarchy

D. the right to strengthen the power of the monarchy


Answer: C. power over the English monarchy

Between 1688 and 1689 in England, King James II, a Catholic, was overthrown by parliament and replaced by his daughter Mary, a Protestant and her Dutch husband, William of Orange. This is widely known as “The Revolution of 1688.” The reasons behind the revolution were both political and religious. At this time, there wasn’t a very healthy relationship between the Catholics and Protestants.

King James was a full-time Catholic at a time where most of England was members of the Church of England. He also had very close ties with France which concerned many English people. The king dissolved his parliament later that year and also attempted to establish a new parliament that will be unconditionally loyal to him. All of these led to the eventual fall of King James II. This revolution changed how England was governed, assigning more power to parliament over the monarchy of England and also building the foundation of political democracy.

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