QAHistory › What were Gorbechev’s economic reform efforts called?

What were Gorbechev’s economic reform efforts called?

A. Glasnost

B. Laissez-faire

C. Perestroika

D. Supply-side economics

E. Zdravstvuyte


Answer: C. Perestroika

Perestroika was a political movement established for the reformation of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union during the 80s. Its literary meaning was “reconstruction.” This referred to the restructuring of the economic and political system of the Soviet Union made to end the era of stagnation in the region. The term was first used by Gorbechev in a speech when he visited the City of Togliatti in the late 80s. Perestroika lasted till 1991 and is sometimes blamed for the collapse of the Eastern bloc as well as the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

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