QAGeography › Which of the following statements about Nepal is true?

Which of the following statements about Nepal is true?

A. It's a Muslim country that has fostered good relations with the British.

B. Maoist guerillas cause major disruptions in urban areas.

C. The country's official policy emphasizes "gross national happiness."

D. It became a democracy in the 1980s.


Answer: C. The country’s official policy emphasizes “gross national happiness.”

Nepal is a country in Southeast Asia and has a variety of acceptable and practiced religions, however, the most common religion amongst people of Nepal is Hinduism.

Although the country has enjoyed years of peaceful relations with Britain, it is not recognized as a Muslim country.

In Nepal, Maoist guerrillas are known to often terrorize the urban areas, killing several people, and causing other forms of disruptions.

The official policy of Nepal does not emphasize “gross national happiness”, rather it is to enhance the dignity of the country through diplomacy, as well as taking steps to ensure the overall prosperity and wellbeing of the country.

Nepal gained its status of independence in the eyes of Britain in the year 1923 and later went on to become a democracy in the year 2008, on the 28th of May. This proves option D wrong.

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