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Which three factors transformed industry during the Gilded Age?


During the gilded age, three factors transformed the industry and they are; Expansion of railroads, New technologies, and New business practices.

The gilded age is a period between the 1870s and 1900 i.e. the late 19th century. There was rapid economic development and industrialization in the western and northern region of the US during this period. Railroads were constructed and this caused a major growth in the industry. Mining, finance, and the factory system also grew rapidly during this period. As a result of this growth, the United States overtook Britain as the powerhouse of industrialization. With this, more railways were constructed linking isolated regions of the US to large markets. This caused a rapid rise in mining and commercial agriculture. More money was made and this simultaneously led to a boom in steel production. Steel production in the US grew so well that it surpassed the amount of steel made in Germany, Britain, and France combined.

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