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Math Calculus --- AID---

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A plane flies between two cities.
The plane leaves Paris at 08:50, flies to Glasgow and returns to Paris arriving at 13:05
The time spent in Glasgow is 45 minutes.
The second flight is 10 minutes longer than the first flight.
What is the arrival time in Glasgow of the first flight?
asked Jul 14, 2017 in Math by jackie

1 Answer

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Total time spent: 4 hours 15 minutes (it is equivalent to 255 minutes). Let the flight time from Paris to Glasgow be X. Then the flight time from Glasgow to Paris will be (X+10).
We have an equation with one unknown variable:
X + 45 + (X+10) = 255 ⇒ X = 100
So the flight time from Paris to Glasgow is 100 minutes. If the plane leaves Paris at 08:50 then it will be in Glasgow at 10:30.

Answer: 10:30
answered Jul 17, 2017 by admin (2,270 points)