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Answer: D. My objective was writing an eloquent speech. A verbal phrase of a sentence is the part of that sentence which contains a verb, and an object (direct or indirect). A verbal phrase will function as the verb in…
Answer: A. From the south pole to its north pole. Explanation: When referring to the direction of a magnetic field, it is assumed towards the north pole as recorded by the compass needle. By convection, therefore, the field lines begin…
Answer: A Nitrogen, Arsenic, and Bismuth are group 5A (or group 15 VA) elements, also called pnictogens, and have five valence electrons each.
Answer: C Homeostasis is the process by which the body seeks to maintain a near-constant internal temperature while considering the external temperature of the body. This negates option D. This means the body's temperature may fluctuate, so A is wrong.…
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