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Cardinal directions are the main compass directions. Intermediate directions sometimes referred to as the ordinal directions are the four points located in between the main directions. The cardinal directions are North, N, at the top, specifically at the 12:00 position…
A leap year has 366 days. This is so that the astronomical year and calendar year are kept in sync. To keep them in sync, one day is added to February every four years, and removed in a non-leap year.
The smallest continent in the world is Australia. When speaking in terms of land area, Australia measures only about one-fifth of Asia which is the largest continent in the world. Australia is also regarded as the flattest continent in the…
The Earth is divided into 24 different time zones, with respect to the number of hours it takes the Earth to complete a resolution along its axis. Every 60 minutes, the Earth rotates exactly 15° (in longitude), and a complete…