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Chemistry help ASAP! Please help me solve this!

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The task as follows:

Ut's given two enthalpies of reaction

N2(g)+2O2(g)-->2NO2(g)        ?H°1=+66.4kJ

2NO(g)+O2(g)-->2NO2(g).     ?H°2=-114.2kJ


I need to calculate the enthalpy for the reaction


Please, help me solve this before tomorrow test!
asked Jul 18, 2017 in Chemistry by Eric

1 Answer

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N2(g)+2O2(g)-->2NO2(g)   ?H°1=+66.4kJ
2NO2(g)-->  2NO(g)+O2(g)   ?H°2=+114.2kJ

Add the rxns to get an answer:

N2(g)+2O2(g)-->2NO2(g) ?H°1=+66.4kJ
2NO2(g)--> 2NO(g)+O2(g) ?H°2=+114.2kJ

So the answer is

N2(g) +  O2(g)  --> 2NO(g)

66.4kJ + 114.6 kJ = 181kJ. 

answered Jul 18, 2017 by admin (2,270 points)