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Can plants live in anoxic soil?


Not all plants can’t live in anoxic soil. Anoxic soil does not have the pockets of oxygen that plants need to survive. However, wetland plants have been able to live in anoxic soil. These plants adapt by getting their oxygen from their stems instead of their roots like other plants.

Anoxic soil can be caused by both nature and farmers. In extremely wet periods, it is hard to stop the soil saturation with water which can lead to anoxic soil. Farmers can also cause it in the dry season by overwatering the soil. The best way to curtail this problem is to use a proper irrigation system.

While aquatic plants can tolerate anoxic soil, oxygen is essential for proper plant growth. In the absence of oxygen, plant roots will stop growing and begin to die. After an extended period, the stomata start to close and photosynthesis is greatly reduced. These conditions would lead to the eventual death of the plant.

If you have anoxic soil, try to cultivate wetlands plants that can withstand the soil.

3 years ago