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How are Andrew Jackson and George Washington most similar?


The two were both popular army generals. George Washington and Andrew Jackson were the first and seventh President of the United States respectively. Before becoming President, George fought and won the war for independence. Andrew Jackson fought various wars, with many of them under George Washington. Andrew rose to the rank of Major general and afterward became president.

At a time where the use of Banks was very controversial, Jackson and George Washington openly spoke against the use of Banks.

Jackson on many occasions criticizes banks in each of his annual messages to Congress. He said the bank is an enemy of the people because they ‘would’ lend loans to political parties thereby influencing the will of the people.

Initially, George Washington on the other hand was specifically critical of the National bank and its bank bill. He was concerned that too much power would be given to the Federal government. He later conceded and acknowledged their importance after yielding to Alexander Hamilton’s argument.

Also, the two former presidents of the United States of America shared similar views concerning native Americans. They both signed the Indian Removal Act.

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