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What are the puns in Romeo and Juliet?


Puns are a display of wordplay featuring words that may sound alike but have different meanings. They elicit humor.

In act 1 of Romeo and Juliet, Benvolio tries to convince Romeo to sneak into the ball organized by the Capulets. Romeo responds with the pun that while others had “dancing shoes with nimble soles”, he had “a soul of lead”. He was referring to his troubled heart.

In act 1 scene 4, Mercutio relays his dream to Romeo and says “Dreamers often lie”, to which Romeo replies, “In bed, asleep…”

Mercutio meant falsehood, and Romeo interpreted it as the sleeping position.

Romeo and Mercutio in act 2 scene 4 display their knowledge of sexual puns. For example, Romeo’s boast of his “pump” being “well flowered” refers to his past sexual conquests.

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