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What are the 4 types of questions?


There are four different types of questions in English grammar. Here they are with examples to help you understand them better:

General Questions. These are questions that call for a Yes or No answer. The question relates to the entire sentence and not a section of it. For instance, “Did you send the money?”

Special Questions. Commonly referred to as Wh-Questions. These are the kind of questions that use specific words at the beginning targeting a specific query. They usually start with – who, what, how, when etc. For instance, “When did he arrive for the interview?”

Choice Questions. These are questions given with options or answers to choose from. Some have multiple-choice while others have a conjunction separating the options. For instance, “Do you prefer working here or there?”

Tag Questions. Also known as disjunctive questions, these are questions with two parts to them. The first section is usually a positive statement whereas the following part is negative or the other way round. For instance, “She made the delivery, didn’t she?” – Yes, she did!

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