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What has research shown about processing subliminal messages?


Subliminal messages are messages or signals that move straight to the subconscious mind, causing them to exist outside the confines of perception. The fact that a message is subliminal doesn’t mean that it can’t be perceived or processed by the brain. In fact, research has shown that although messages can be received outside the confines of conscious thought or perception, these messages can be processed and responded to by the brain (and a person in general), especially within a laboratory setting.

While it is possible for these messages to go unnoticed by the conscious mind, there have been instances where the perception of these messages was strong enough that they caused a reaction throughout the body.

According to research, subliminal messages, whether they have been processed by the brain or not, have been known to provoke certain reactions from people, especially when observed in a controlled group or an experimental setting.

3 years ago