QAEconomics › Which of the following is NOT a macroenvironmental factor?

Which of the following is NOT a macroenvironmental factor?

A.competitors' practices

B. political environment

C. economic situation

D. technological advances

E. social trends


“Macroenvironmental factors” is used to refer to the general or overall economy, taking into consideration, the major things that affect it as a whole, rather than the things that affect specific regions or sectors (microenvironmental factors). Their effects are mostly seen in companies whose performances are based on how the economy fares in general.

There are 6 factors or forces that affect the macroenvironment, and they are known as DESTEP factors. These factors are demographic, ecological, social/sociocultural, technological, economic, and political.

Competitor’s practices, therefore, do not count as macroenvironmental factors.

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