A Pool of
Early on in our history, we made a point of hiring only the most talented, knowledgeable, and punctual people. With 500+ degree-holding experts in our pool, we now have enough brainpower to solve any problem your school has to offer. This is not a hobby for us. But nor is it a 9-to-5 job. It's a vocation. That means three things: helping you makes us happy; the only schedule we adhere to is your schedule; we hold ourselves to a high standard so you can expect it. View Pricing
  • Terrence, M.A. Graduated with honors. Loves hockey and french fries.
  • Jayden, Ph.D. Nobody really understands what his dissertation is about.
  • Chad, Ed.D. Education guru. Grows lemons in his backyard.
  • Christine, M.B.A. Knows the secret to business success. Favored place for recreation: shooting range.
  • David, M.Arch. Champion of organic architecture. Thinks Robert Frost's poetry is a joke.
  • Grace, M.D. Psychiatrist turned stay-at-home mom. Plays the ukulele like a pro.
  • Skylar, M.S. Actually knows what the LHC does. Hates Breaking Bad fans.
We're an Open Book Learn how we got here, through little flashbacks into our history.
The Idea Is Born Two college mates at a New Year's party suddenly realized they were graduating in a few months. Immediately they knew it was time they both got a real job. But they didn't.
Launch So instead of working for the man, our founders chose to do what they were good at: homework. The then-terribly-designed website was launched, and so it began.
First Ph.D. to Join the Team Finding the right people was the hardest part of it. But when we got our first Ph.D. on board, we knew we'd be alright.
Hit 10,000th Order It didn't take too long for us to become popular. That day we got our 10,000th order, and we weren't planning to stop.
Re-Launch After some discussion, we finally resolved to redesign the website. So we said our goodbyes to that vibrant, absolutely psychedelic homepage, and took it down for good.
The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship Today is (probably) the most important date on this timeline. Because today, you're here.
The next chapter is all about you. Let's get those pages filled. View Pricing