Why 2%

Here’s how we select the top 2% experts for you.

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Step 1

Resume Screening

From the many resumes that land on our recruiter’s desk, we choose the ones that stand out, i.e., those with particular reference to real-life achievements in writing.

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Step 2

Language Exam

This one is not your regular English test, but a quiz created by a team of linguistic experts. This test will reveal whether or not a hopeful has the skills needed to tackle the most intricate grammar or tough punctuation your project may involve.

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Step 3

Phone Interview

Our recruiters know the right questions to ask, so no candidate’s weakness or strength will escape their notice. Our ideal expert is someone who’s passionate about writing, feels perfectly at home with formatting styles and can handle tight deadlines.

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Step 4

Trial Assignment

Before a candidate is given the green light to work on your projects, they must complete a real-life writing task, based on their field and specialty. Who is allowed on the team and who isn’t - depends on the quality of their output.

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Step 5

Continuous Review

The screening process actually never stops: thanks to a thorough performance review, we ensure that every project, delivered to you by a top 2% expert, meets all your needs and demands, and is up to the standards set by your educational institution.

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