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What event did Nero add to the Olympics?


Emperor Nero added singing to the Olympics events in 66 AD. According to history, Emperor Nero was not good at any athletic activity. However, he had the political power to do almost anything he liked. He first created Greek Games called Neronia where champions had to dedicate their victory crowns to the Emperor.

After he added singing and acting to the Olympics, Emperor Nero was recorded to always take home the medals from these events. However, it was not because he was the best in these events but because he was the Emperor. He was said to have closed the doors of huge auditoriums crowded with people to ensure they kept listening to his singing.

Many historians say that Emperor Nero’s singing was so bad that people played at dying or fainting while he sang. The guards would then drag these people out and they would enjoy their escape.

The Emperor was not known only for his love for music, but also Nero was known as a ruthless ruler who persecuted Christians.

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