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Who Invented School and Homework Assignments?

Over all of the nights that you have had to stay up way later than you wanted to in order to complete a pesky homework assignment, you may have wondered to yourself, who invented homework and why would they want to do this to me? It’s nothing personal, but there is one man who is responsible for your plight. He’s Italian man, that means he’s from the same country that created pizza so don’t be so quick to rule out Italian inventors. They also gave us lasagna, pasta, and calzones, so when you’re on your lunchbreak at school cursing Italy for your pile of the assignments, don’t forget where that bite of linguini originated from. Other thing you shouldn't forget about is that despite the large amount of homework, you can always get excellent assignment writing service.

Roberto Nevilis: The Man Who Invented Homework

Roberto Nevilis invented home based schoolwork in Venice, Italiy in the year 1095. There have been some claims that others earlier in history invented it first, but Nevilis is the most widely accepted first practitioner of home based assignments. He invented it around the same time as the advent of the formal school system. Many other newly developed educational systems followed the man who invented the homework’s lead and incorporated nightly tasks as a part of their curriculum.

Do I Really Have to Do My Homework?

Now that you know who is responsible for individual graded assignments, you can understand what you’re dealing with here. Schoolwork is something that you will never be able to get away from as long as you’re a student because it’s been going on since 1095 and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Who invented homework and why is a question many have asked, but now that you know the answer, it’s time to face the music. But even though your assignments are not going to disappear, you don’t necessarily have to do them yourself. You can avail the assistance of an online company that is well equipped to handle all of your tasks for you.

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