110 Analytical Report Topics: Best Ideas For Your Paper

analytical report topics

Almost every college student has experience with the struggle of completing homework tasks from technical subjects. Finding an analytical report topic is one of these elephants in the room. The thought of analyzing a whole bunch of data and coming up with relevant findings which will constitute the topic is no mean feat.

But why should you go through all this agony yet there is help right in front of you? Continue reading to discover all you need to know about analytical research papers.

What is an Analytical Report?

An analytical report is a statistics-based form of writing that uses qualitative and quantitative data to analyze and evaluate a business strategy or process. The aim is to empower employees to make data-driven decisions based on evidence and analytics.

In analytical report writing, historical data can also deliver a predictive analysis of a specific issue. It is a common assignment for MBA students in college or university. The uniqueness of an analytical report is such that it provides for recommendations instead of just plain numbers.

The following are benefits one can derive from an analytical report:

  • Enables a company to identify and act upon particular problems
  • It presents opportunities for business processes
  • It provides a chance to weigh options between multiple solutions

The writing style and data generation of analytical reports are distinctive in every industry. That is why you need a high-quality essay writing service to help you get started.

Now, this is important.

How To Write Analytical Reports

After attempting to give a well-detailed definition of analytical reporting, we now delve into how to write an analytics-style report. Herein are reliable guidelines from expert writers to help you enhance your analytical report writing skills in no time.

Before you begin thinking of what to write, here are some key basics for your consideration:

  • Read your lecturer’s instructions one more time
  • Identify the relevant sources of your data
  • Choose the most appropriate tool you will use for your report writing (Google Docs or Microsoft Word)

Now that we have all the essentials set in place for our analytical report, let us look at the structure:

  • A title page – This includes the main topic or purpose of your analytical report
  • Table of contents – It is a logical or chronological order of how the contents of your report will appear
  • A clause – It is where you specify and present the methods used for the activity (research methodology)
  • The main discussion is your report’s body, which will include body paragraphs broken down into organized sections. They include the heading, the sub-heading, and the body discussion.
  • The conclusions – They will come from the results and information gathered in the report
  • The recommendations – These are suggestions or call to actions on improving specific problems identified in the report.
  • Sections for bibliography or appendices – They apply when necessary

An excellent analytical report for university should:

  • Identify the problem
  • Explain the methods used in the research process
  • Analyze data, and
  • Make recommendations

When formatting and presenting data for your analytical report, the following are essential:

  • Choose the right chart types
  • Follow design best practices
  • Use the right dynamic key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Develop your analytical report with storytelling in mind

Once you are all set with these guidelines and tips, the task of finding analytical topics becomes as easy as and satisfying as withdrawing cash from an ATM. You will be able to develop analysis topics that will impress your instructor and business compass as well.

Let us now zoom in our lenses to some of the researchable ideas you can use in identifying which topic is best for an analytical essay.

Easy Topics For Analytical Report

Are you that kind of person who likes handling the soft and tender analytical essay topics? Here is your poison:

  1. Should college-going students engage in online marketing?
  2. The effects of digital advertising on middle class working women
  3. Examples of helpful marketing tips for business startups that work
  4. The impact of coronavirus on small scale and medium scale business enterprises
  5. Should historical discounts and promotional gifts be part of marketing campaigns?
  6. Assess the impact of a business strategy on the performance of a company
  7. Advantages of shopping online over going to the mall physically
  8. Disadvantages of using Facebook as a marketing tool over Twitter
  9. Analyze marketing campaigns based on true events
  10. Conduct an analysis of the stock exchange market based on the Trump administration
  11. Should adverts on alcohol and cigarettes only be allowed during the watershed period?

Advanced Analytical Research Paper Topics

If you are the sort who likes chewing the tough bones, we have some rhino bones for you.

  1. Reasons why there are higher crime levels in poor neighborhoods
  2. Analyze the relationship between natural resources and a country’s productivity levels
  3. Pros and cons of comparative media markets
  4. Does district zoning have an impact on people’s financial security?
  5. Is it reasonable to exempt some people from paying taxes?
  6. Why should we champion for racial equality in global companies?
  7. Analyze how poverty affects different states
  8. Analytically discuss the causes of recession
  9. The influence of political leadership on economics
  10. Should marketers use email subscriptions in marketing campaigns?
  11. Analyze why the relationship between stakeholders and health practitioners is important

Interesting Topics For Analytical Essays

Get a top-rated topic for an analytical essay in the list below:

  1. Analyze the pros and cons of school uniform for college students
  2. An analysis of bullying practices in high school and college
  3. The relationship between poverty and infrastructure developments
  4. How important are topics on racial discrimination in schools?
  5. Analyze the failures and strides made by President Trump
  6. Compare the UK and US systems of education
  7. The role of conducting drug tests in colleges and universities
  8. An analysis of the impact of scholarships on developing countries
  9. Compare and contrast between arts and social sciences
  10. Does studying in the US guarantee a high-paying job anywhere in the world?
  11. Analyze how peer pressure influences the personalities of teenagers

Analytical Paper Ideas on Health

Students in the college of health sciences will find these analytical topics useful:

  1. Analyze the effectiveness of different health insurance policies
  2. Analyze treatment costs in public versus private hospitals
  3. Does the Universal Healthcare program promise any benefits for the economy?
  4. Analyze marketing strategies used by pharmacies
  5. The impact of coronavirus on existing health systems
  6. The economic advantages of syringe injections over tablets
  7. How does importing drugs from outside impact healthcare systems?
  8. Our doctors and nurses the most highly paid people in society?
  9. The relationship between family stability and access to healthcare
  10. What impact does music have on one’s health?
  11. Analyze the impact of cancer treatment equipment on the cost

Analytical Essay Topic Ideas On Society

Here are societal analytical writing topics to get you motivated right away:

  1. Can society embrace diversity in the wake of the existing inequalities?
  2. Why music celebrities are more eminent over sports personalities in society
  3. Pros and cons of violent TV programmes on children in society
  4. The relationship between addictions in society and personal choices
  5. Analyze the impact of culture on a person’s quality of life
  6. Why is the society still reluctant to women political leaders?
  7. How single parenting affects the upbringing of children in society
  8. The relationship between family life and career in among women in the society
  9. Is it possible to achieve cashless transactions worldwide?
  10. How coronavirus have kept the society apart yet close at the same time
  11. Does changing gender roles affect how society perceives men and women?

Amazing Analytical Essay Topics For College

Analytical essays form the bulk of college assignments. Below are analytical essay ideas for your inspiration:

  1. How the media impacts the behaviour of college students
  2. Are social networks drifting the youths apart from each other the more?
  3. How internet availability has made it possible for creative innovations to come up
  4. The role of associations in shaping one’s conduct on campus
  5. Why teenagers are the major victims of cyberbullying
  6. Compare and contrast the performance of boarding schools over day schools
  7. Should society attribute a child’s character to his/her parents?
  8. Reasons for the increased suicide cases among teens in college
  9. The impact of remedial classes on performance and productivity
  10. Dealing with drug addiction issues among youth
  11. Factors that have led to increased teenage pregnancies

Environmental Topics For an Analytical Essay

Are you an environmental enthusiast looking for analytical topics to spice up your paper? Scroll down.

  1. Why having a plant in your bedroom may be dangerous
  2. Analyze friendly environmental conservation practices
  3. The cost of maintaining an ecosystem during a crisis
  4. Analyze the cause of frequent fires in the Amazon forest
  5. Is the World Environment Day fulfilling its intended purpose?
  6. How frequent should one prepare his land
  7. Ways of finding a balance in the ecosystem
  8. The impact of global warming on conservation practices
  9. Compare and contrast how different countries manage their industrial wastes
  10. Main distinctive features of the tropical and equatorial climatic conditions
  11. Causes and consequences of population pressure on the environment

Funny Analytical Essay Prompts

Do you want relaxing and amusing analytical writing prompts that will crack the ribs of your lecturers? Read on.

  1. Reasons why Tom and Jerry’s show attracted more cats than rats
  2. Why people who wear glasses think they are experts in everything
  3. Do men take a bathe every day?
  4. Why ladies would prefer a camera over a house
  5. Why do some ladies look like men in trousers?
  6. Why the internet is making people live fake lives
  7. How to eat five meals in a day without constipating
  8. Why don’t the clouds fall on us?
  9. The relationship between the sheep and foolishness
  10. Why should a mere calendar rule your life?
  11. Where does the sun go to sleep?

Thoughtful Topics For Analytical Reports

Here are mind-wobbling topics to ponder on:

  1. Personality and upbringing
  2. Why children cry at birth
  3. Difference between working hard and working smart
  4. How performance is related to input effort
  5. Family models and children’s personalities
  6. University education and lucrative jobs
  7. Substance abuse among young people
  8. Teens and peer pressure
  9. Teachers and society
  10. Recession and the stock exchange
  11. Equality and resources

Noteworthy Analytical Report Topic Ideas

Consider these topics for an unmatched analytic report paper:

  1. Reasons behind doping
  2. Differences between a man and a woman
  3. How families affect children psychology
  4. Possible reasons behind insomnia
  5. Gender and productivity
  6. Effect of salary on workforce
  7. Employer-employee relationships and industrial strikes
  8. Concept of gender roles
  9. Education and humans
  10. Criminal activities and economy
  11. Demand and supply

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