Child Development Research Paper Topics: Best Ideas & Writing Tips

child development research paper topics

Are you searching for child development research paper topics for a paper or project in college? Developmental psychology is a very popular and equally fascinating topic which is also very broad. It covers anything from prenatal child development to the health of the child during the period.

There is so much to write on so finding a topic for your child development research paper may be quite challenging.

Child Development Topics For Papers

We have combed different resources on the internet and compiled top child development topics to inspire you to find a good subject for your school paper. The following are early childhood education research paper topics to explore for your schoolwork:

  1. The birth and growth of children during the first 12 years of life
  2. Why child development has been avoided all through history
  3. The pros of learning about infant growth and changes
  4. The psychological, social and cognitive aspects of child growth and development
  5. Analysis of behavioral development studies
  6. The ego development in child development – a research paper
  7. Does the natural environment have a role to play in child development?
  8. How the influence of peers, parents, and caregivers in the child’s development
  9. Types of child development to expect during the prenatal stage
  10. Why child development has a vital role to play in shaping the life of a child
  11. How children compare to adults in productivity
  12. The reason behind active and hands on knowledge of children
  13. The importance of play in early development
  14. Is interaction necessary for children in their formative years
  15. How frequent social interaction helps kids develop faster
  16. Are pre-term children at risk for hearing loss?
  17. Will children develop better if they spend time with their parents?
  18. Does music increase motor, visual, focus as well as mathematical skills in children?
  19. What are the five steps of child mental development?
  20. Four parenting styles that work well for child training

Research topics on child development

  1. How teaching infants sign language impacts their language acquisition process
  2. Does listening to music make children perform worse or better in exams?
  3. How can parenting styles impact the kid’s level of physical activity?
  4. The effects of authoritative parenting style and the permissive parenting style
  5. How eating breakfast can affect a child’s performance at school
  6. The impact of bullying on a student’s academic performance
  7. The best kind of reinforcement for student homework: are tangible rewards or social reinforcement ideal?
  8. How food packaging in visually appealing packs affect the way kid’s make healthy food choices
  9. How birth order may or may not have a lasting impact on procrastination
  10. Are first- or last-born children likely to avoid tasks until the dying minute?

Research topics on child development

  1. Do mental games like sudoku, word search and word matching help kids develop cognitive skills?
  2. Do kids experience changes in their short term memory as they progress into adulthood?
  3. How behavior changes as children age
  4. What is responsible for behavioral changes? Internal or external factors?
  5. How to handle aggression, anxiety, and depression in children
  6. The importance of child development at an early age
  7. How to handle hyperactivity and inattention in young children
  8. Language development and literacy in children
  9. Technology in the early stages of education and its long term effect
  10. How healthy sleeping habits foster proper behavioral, cognitive, physical, and emotional development in kids.

Child Development Paper Titles May Be Easy

Your child development paper topic should be interesting as this makes it easy to write. You don’t want to get stuck while writing the first part because it isn’t fun to write about. You can also get writing help for your child development papers. The professional can help you to select a topic within your curriculum and write it according to the specifications of your professor.

When you pick the best topic to work with, the next step is to start your basic research. This research will determine if you have enough to write on. Whatever you do, do not skip this step. If you are writing a paper for an experiment, this step gives it some background for the lab report. If you are writing a psychology science project as well, it can help you to present it properly while giving you ideas for the best way to approach the experiment.

Also, ensure that you create an outline to give your work a logical sequence. Everything should fall in place with ease if you pick a topic from the ones above and tweak it to fit your professor’s requirements.



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