110 Really Funny Informative Speech Topics

funny informative speech topics

Hilarious speech topics will smile at the reader even before he starts reading. Imagine the joy you will have shared with a reader who has had an all gloomy day. Mastering this craft does not mean that you should be a comedian, no. On the contrary, you just need to know how to play along with words, and you’ll have achieved it.

Quickly let’s explore what an informative speech topic is.

Speaking informatively means delivering an address to an audience on a new issue. In other words, it entails blending originality and creativity to come up with something new, just like one of Da Vinci’s masterpieces.

Now let’s look at some entertaining speech topics that will get you all geared up to start your essay.

A-List of 110 Informative Speech Topics

Let’s keep it short and straight to the point. We will place the funny persuasive speech topics in groups depending on a given category.

And off we go!

Informative Speech Topics on Education

  1. Is corporal punishment useful in college?
  2. What is the impact of untrained teachers on students?
  3. At what age should children start school?
  4. The growth of e-learning and its impact
  5. Boarding schools versus day schools
  6. The publisher’s role in enhancing learning
  7. Is digital media a solution to contemporary classroom learning?
  8. Impact of teacher’s and lecture’s strikes on learning activities
  9. How is special needs education effective?
  10. At what time should students go to school?
  11. Should students go for long holidays?
  12. How much homework should students have?
  13. The effect of remedial lessons to learners
  14. Should students have retake classes?
  15. Bullying should stop in schools
  16. Are schools feeding our children, right?
  17. Is there a need for a new curriculum?
  18. Grades versus skills
  19. What is the cause of school dropouts?
  20. Teachers should have a personal relationship with students.

Technology Informative Speech Topics

  1. Interesting facts about robots
  2. Technology and food production
  3. Is technology getting destructive?
  4. The need for more innovation hubs
  5. Is it possible that we are under surveillance?
  6. How has technology reduced the crime rate?
  7. The strides made in space exploration
  8. How safe are our emails?
  9. Impact of 3D on video production
  10. Can we stop nuclear attacks?
  11. How is cancer-related to UV radiation?
  12. Technology and ethics
  13. The world as a global village
  14. What is the future of AI
  15. Hacking and data security
  16. How to configure a Local Area Network
  17. Wireless Fidelity network optimizations
  18. The smartphone technology
  19. The paperless society
  20. Technology and religion

Fun Speech Topics on Environment

  1. Combating environmental disasters
  2. Are we endangering rare species?
  3. How to best treat industrial waste
  4. What if we all planted a tree a day?
  5. Our role in alleviating the effects of global warming
  6. What is the cause of the Australian bush fires?
  7. Crops that best conserve water catchments
  8. Tree species of aesthetic value
  9. Effects of overpopulation on the environment
  10. How to best deal with non-biodegradable water
  11. Causes of landslides and earthquakes
  12. Incorporating environmental studies in the education curriculum
  13. The depleting ozone layer
  14. What to know about the Amazon Rainforest
  15. The history of the Major Oak
  16. What causes acid rain?
  17. How to convert waste into useful matter
  18. Greener living
  19. The greenhouse effect
  20. Conserving watersheds

Funny Impromptu Speech Topics on Finance

  1. How can you mend your torn pocket?
  2. Applying for a credit card like a boss
  3. You don’t need a million dollars to start saving
  4. The snail moving economy
  5. How to save money like Bill Gates
  6. How to run an away with debt without getting caught
  7. Does your bank account compare to the number of Donald Trump’s Twitter followers?
  8. Solving money problems like a supreme court
  9. How to make money by using your phone
  10. Who invented the root of all evil, money?
  11. Stop internet banking! It will leave you penniless
  12. How to get paid twice a month without sweating
  13. How to stop spending like a teenager
  14. Getting rid of the rats that chew your money in the bank
  15. Stop spending all your time on TV; it won’t pay your bills

Funny Media Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Are human beings becoming like the cartoons they watch?
  2. How to free yourself from the cell phone
  3. How do news anchors fit in a 32’ TV screen?
  4. The cause of TV addiction among women
  5. How does the media propagate fake news?
  6. Sensational reporting and its effects
  7. Watching less TV and you will see less of the doctor
  8. How photography transforms people into celebrities
  9. Getting rid of those annoying media adverts
  10. The story behind The Titanic movie
  11. How to flip a newspaper like a pro
  12. Media icons everybody would want to meet
  13. Top 5 TV flops
  14. The most captivating TV show
  15. Why the watershed period should be longer

Interesting Speech Topics on Relationships

  1. How to meet the girl of your dreams
  2. Getting rid of that boring boyfriend
  3. Does age matter in relationships?
  4. The history of relationships
  5. The beauty of loving and being loved back
  6. The secret to growing old with your partner
  7. Do long-distance relationships last long?
  8. Who else thinks that same-sex relationships can’t work?
  9. When should one get married?
  10. How can you recognize red alerts in relationships?
  11. When you fall in love with your heart, don’t leave your mind behind
  12. The stages of marriage
  13. Take me back to the 60’s relationships
  14. Solving misunderstandings in relationships
  15. The best time to propose to a lady
  16. What to do when you are rejected
  17. Benefits of staying single
  18. Is Valentine’s Day still relevant?
  19. The best meal to order for a date
  20. Which rose color is best for a proposal?

It is clear from these fun persuasive speech topics that they can grab the attention of the audience at first sight. Why don’t you pick one and show your writing prowess with it today?
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