181 Health Essay Topics To Write About – Step-By-Step Guide

health essay topics

Health as a subject involves so many other academic disciplines. As a student, you may be faced with picking healthcare topics to write about. Note that health essay topics are linked to history, politics, child development, sociology, foreign relations, economics, science, law enforcement, public policy, information technology, among others.

When faced with picking health topics to write about, there are a lot of factors to consider. That is because the subject is broad, with so many topics to think about. Still, regardless of your discipline, you can find public health essay topics to write about.

Interesting Health Essay Topics And How To Find Them

If you are given a task to write a health essay, you need to think about something that is interesting to you. Think about any health topics that you can relate to in some way. If you still cannot find any medical essay topics, then opt for a topic that is interesting to other people.

After finding good health topics, the next step would be to analyze the topic you have chosen. This analysis should include finding out if the topic is narrow or broad. Broad healthcare essay topics do not offer specific information about what you choose to write on. For instance, the psychology topic “mental disorders in the 21st century” is a really broad topic. That is because it isn’t clear whether you need to write about all the mental disorders or just focus on a select few.

Another consideration to make is how much you know about a topic. A topic should be of interest to you or others around you. In the same vein, you need to have some background knowledge at least. No matter how interesting the topic is if you don’t know much about it, writing a sentence or paragraph may be difficult. So pick carefully and ensure that you have an idea about the topic you want to write on.

Narrow health topics are a lot different. They give you an idea of what to write and how to start. For example, “The prevalence of Schizophrenia in the 21st century.” This topic is a lot easier to write.

The next step is to find sources to get the information. If you cannot find sources to get information from, it may be difficult to write the essay. No matter how narrow the topic is, you need to have enough resources to work with.

Health Topics To Write About: Helpful Ideas To Choose From

What are the most popular healthcare persuasive speech topics to consider? First, think about what we face daily as humans and the news from the radio or TV. Perhaps you have a general idea of the topic to write, but this part will show you where to focus. Here is a breakdown of the health essay topics you can write on.

While picking a topic for your essay on health, opt for controversial health topics. If you haven’t picked on already, then start by listing all the health-related ideas that pop into your head. Next, you need to take a stand and build strong support for it. Persuade your audience to see why your argument is better.

Here are some position paper topics on health to start you off:

  1. Is stem cell research legal?
  2. Should euthanasia be allowed?
  3. Is animal testing humane?
  4. Are vaccines mandatory for children?
  5. Is abortion legal? What are the pros and cons?
  6. Should life support be continued for brain dead patients
  7. Is organ selling legal?
  8. Is smoking electric cigarettes in public legal?
  9. Is male baby circumcision legal?
  10. Should fast-food restaurants serve unhealthy food to kids?

After choosing a topic for your college essay, then you need to develop the outline to work it. This outline is essential for all types of essay writing. It helps you to organize all your ideas. When your ideas are organized, it helps you to present your arguments in the best way. Proving your point will be a lot easier if you outline your work first.

Also, you will be able to focus on the thesis statement until you reach a logical conclusion. In the same vein, you can create an excellent thesis statement when you have highlighted all the main points. It is safer to include transitional phrases in your outline. That would go a long way to help you produce the essay faster.

After choosing the most suitable topic and creating an outline, prepare a rough draft. That is basically beefing up your outline. It is also the first step to writing the paper. The edited copy of this rough draft will be the final essay.

Best Health Topics To Write About

These are some of the best health topics that you can write about. They are all diverse and touch on different aspects of the health care settings.

  1. The negative effects of meat-free nutrition.
  2. Different consequences vegans go through.
  3. Compare and contrast changes before and after being a vegan.
  4. Potential nutritional issues a vegan can experience.
  5. Major causes of eating disorders in females.
  6. Major effects of feminism on anorexia women.
  7. Best ways to manage anorexia.
  8. Major causes of insomnia.
  9. How to deal with insomnia.
  10. The effects of exam preparation on better sleep provision.
  11. Major causes of long-term insomnia.
  12. Best ways to improve your sleeping patterns.
  13. Are sleeping pills good for our health?
  14. Best ways to manage a bipolar disorder.
  15. Is bipolar disorder made or inborn?
  16. Can traditional medicines be used to fight insomnia?
  17. Best management practices for bipolar disorder.
  18. Best psychological treatments for persons with bipolar disorder.
  19. Impact of cognitive therapy on mental disorders.
  20. The importance of using antidepressants in dealing with depression.
  21. Major causes of bipolar disorder.

Controversial Healthcare Topics To Write About

Do you have a passion for medicine? Then you can consider using these controversial health care topics to broaden your thinking. When doing research, you can consider watching films or documentaries that touch on a specific subject.

  1. How does child abuse trauma affect the development of dissociative disorder?
  2. Pros and cons of paid and free treatment.
  3. Should healthcare be free or paid for?
  4. The importance of having health insurance.
  5. The cost of free health care services.
  6. Is death a sure way of relieving patients from pain?
  7. Do patients have a natural right to death?
  8. Ethical and moral issues about Euthanasia.
  9. Advantages and disadvantages of Euthanasia.
  10. The religious view on physician-assisted suicide.
  11. Strategies to ensure children maintain healthy body weight.
  12. Ethical issues about surrogate pregnancy.
  13. Best ways to prevent medical errors in hospitals.
  14. How can doctors promote a healthy lifestyle?
  15. Can homeopathy be considered as a pseudo-science?
  16. Side effects of blood transfusion.
  17. Major types of eating disorders.
  18. Elaborate on how a vegan diet can be healthy.
  19. Psychological issues of breast cancer.
  20. Significance of organ donation/organ transfer after death.
  21. How can cloning help save lives?

Interesting Public Health Essay Topics

Public health is diverse. The public has a right to affordable health care and medicines. Regardless of someone’s status, they should be given access to health care.

  1. Smoking should be banned in public places.
  2. Why is it important to vaccinate children when they are young?
  3. Major causes and consequences of childhood obesity.
  4. Evaluate childbearing and teen pregnancy.
  5. Economic effects of AIDS treatment.
  6. Is it healthy for minors to be given birth control?
  7. The Effects of AIDS and its impact on people.
  8. The connection between genetics and diabetes.
  9. Best way to prevent adolescent pregnancy.
  10. Effects of smoking in public.
  11. Social issues that accompany teenage pregnancy.
  12. Evolution of diabetes.
  13. Effect of passive smoking on children’s health.
  14. Is birth control a necessity or a luxury?
  15. Impact of the ebola epidemic in West Africa.
  16. Effect of alcohol on college students.
  17. The negative consequences of alcohol on college students.
  18. Best household water treatment methods.
  19. The importance of sex education in schools.
  20. The principles that pertain to adoption.
  21. Why is Ebola termed as a devastating disease?

Advanced Health Topics For Essay

Which health issues are there in society? These topics can help you to recognize major issues that are affecting society. Also, many measures are being taken to ensure everyone has access to affordable health care.

  1. Ethics of human experimentation.
  2. Is cloning ethical or morally right?
  3. Major signs and symptoms of heath attacks in women.
  4. What can be used to cure diabetes in the future?
  5. Major health consequences of eating disorders.
  6. Can bioprinting be termed the future of organ transplants?
  7. Can stem cell technologies be used for cancer treatment?
  8. Ethical and social issues associated with cosmetic surgery.
  9. Impact advertising has on making healthy food choices.
  10. Role of nutritional education in promoting healthy diets.
  11. Relation between fast food consumption and obesity.
  12. Importance of doing exercise among the elderly.
  13. Evaluate obesity as a medical and social problem.
  14. The duration in which humans live.
  15. Advantages and disadvantages of clinical trials.
  16. Link between sugary drinks and cancer.
  17. Health consequences of caffeine.
  18. Legalization of euthanasia.
  19. The importance of playing sports to our bodies.
  20. Is a low fat and low-carb diet good for our bodies?
  21. How is nuclear waste dangerous for people?

Health Care Topics To Write About

Our diet, mode of living, and other factors play a role in our health. Many people have different opinions on some medicines, euthanasia, organ donation, and much more. However, at times it is important to save someone’s life or reduce the pain.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of being too dependent on antibiotics.
  2. Effects of antibiotics dependence on our health.
  3. Are natural medicines a good alternative to pharmaceutical medicines?
  4. Influence of environmental factors on mental health.
  5. Effect of drug misuse on our mental health.
  6. Social effects of mental disorders
  7. Relation between alcohol addiction and psychiatric disorder.
  8. Symptoms, causes, and treatment of teen depression.
  9. How can you protect your mental health when you are a regular social media user?
  10. Effects of social isolation on physical and mental health.
  11. The relationship between exercise and moods.
  12. Mental health problems that pertain to homeless people.
  13. Is stress a major risk factor for mental disorders?
  14. Major depression and anxiety disorders among adults.
  15. Economic burden that comes with depression disorders.
  16. How does anxiety disorder affect the quality of our lives?
  17. Challenges of e-health technology.
  18. How can Big Data be implemented in the medical care system?
  19. Risks associated with untested methods of alternative medicine.
  20. How can health equity be achieved?
  21. Impact of racism on the well-being of the nation.

Health Care Essay Topics

Are you looking for an essay topic or research paper topic? Then you can use any of these topics to write the best paper. You just need to do proper research on the topics to be fully satisfied.

  1. Role of school-based health care in preventing dropouts.
  2. Best way to curb rising suicide rates.
  3. Importance of vaccines to the elderly.
  4. The measures that can be undertaken to prevent heat-related deaths.
  5. The housing standards should be met to ensure that people live in a safe environment.
  6. Can computers replace doctors?
  7. Immortal possibility of people.
  8. How stress affects teenagers.
  9. Best healthy eating habits that should be implemented.
  10. Why do many teenagers decide to do drugs?
  11. Can obesity be termed an epidemic?
  12. Importance of exercise on teenagers.
  13. Relation between being healthy and happy.
  14. Biggest health challenges the youth face.
  15. Teen pregnancy prevention.
  16. Can gambling be termed a disorder?
  17. How is air pollution a threat to health?
  18. Major causes of pneumonia.
  19. Can anemia be termed as a sign of poor health?
  20. The main objective of occupational medicine.

Mental Health Essay Topics

Mental health is a sensitive topic that needs to be discussed. Nowadays, people fall into depression due to anxiety, getting overwhelmed, or stress. Therefore, people need to be protected to prevent any mental health issues.

  1. Main psychological health risks in individuals.
  2. Main causes for mental illnesses.
  3. Importance of elementary schools in providing cognitive health services.
  4. Major psychological issues found in elderly people.
  5. Most common treatments assigned to depressed patients.
  6. The main protective factors of mental health.
  7. How does depression lead to psychological conditions?
  8. Major differences between the various anxiety disorders.
  9. Which psychological problems do students go through?
  10. Importance of having perfect psychological and emotional health.
  11. Differences between women’s and men’s psychiatric health issues.
  12. Major factors that affect children’s mental health.
  13. Relation between child abuse and mental health issues.
  14. Trauma and substance abuse cause more psychological problems.
  15. Factors that can affect psychiatric treatment.
  16. Best psychiatric screening procedures.
  17. Common health challenges that affect all demographics.
  18. Prevalent brain disorders.
  19. How can forgiveness lead to the achievement of psychological well-being?
  20. How does regular physical activity help in improving brain conditions?

Medical Argument Essay Topics

There are many medical arguments that people differ. These are some of the best medical argument essay topics that can help to expand your thinking when writing your science assignment. Just choose a topic and work on it.

  1. Should children’s vaccination be made mandatory?
  2. How is cosmetic surgery unhealthy?
  3. Can exercise worsen the health of a person?
  4. How can the birth control pill permanently damage the reproductive system?
  5. Government regulation on fast food chains.
  6. How do technological devices make humans vulnerable to getting cancer?
  7. How do vegetarian diets elongate their lifespan?
  8. How can mental health counseling help reduce issues in students?
  9. How do smart devices deteriorate human health?
  10. The best measures to take to keep yourself healthy and reduce appointments with doctors.
  11. How can alcohol usage be restricted in high schools?
  12. Do medicine costs relate to the cost of health care centers’ consultancy?
  13. Between the nurses and doctors, who do the real work?
  14. Deadliest diseases in the world.
  15. Do cosmetic surgeries require insurance?
  16. How can oversleeping cause any harm to the body system?
  17. Why do some people fear getting medical help?
  18. How do governments provide premium health care services?
  19. Importance of diets that make people look younger in their late 70s.
  20. How do parents endanger the lives of their unborn children?
  21. Cancer is hereditary.
  22. Traditional Chinese medicines are more effective than western medicines.
  23. Is it possible for homeless people to enjoy free health care?
  24. How can cloning help to save lives?
  25. Do you think medical tests on humans should have limits?
  26. Potential diabetes has a cure.

Tips To Follow While Writing A Health Essay

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your health essay:

  • Reuse topics: if you have difficulty coming up with an essay topic, you can use old topics. However, remember that the reused topics must be 100% unique. Use a different approach to it. For instance, if your previous essay was in support of abortion, write an essay against abortion. You can also push for cheap and affordable healthcare if you previously supported the high costs of treatment.
  • Ask questions: your professor can help you with any questions you have before starting. You should not shy away from asking for some assistance.
  • Don’t try to prove a point: picking a rare topic to prove a point is not necessary. It is better to choose one that you can comfortably work with.
  • Don’t narrow it down completely: it is not advised to write broad topics, You should narrow down the chosen topic as much as possible. That gives you more focus, and researching on them should be a breeze.
  • Gather research before picking the final topic: when the resources are too few or even nonexistent, you need to find another topic with reasonable resources. No matter how popular the topic is, writing on it may take too much time, and you may not be able to complete it at all.

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