254 Great History Topics And Ideas To Improve Your Grades

history topics

History is not the favorite of many students, especially Gen Z. This class is rooted in technology, with the latest trends being their favorite spot rather than long historical facts, which they consider boring. This article is all you need if you are one of these students! We will help you complete your history assignment by tackling the following: definition of history, tips on how to research history well, knowledgeable topics in history.

You will not have any reason why you should fail your history assignment once you read to the end. One more secret – this article is a collective work of top-notch history gurus from Ivy-league universities. That should tell you what to expect.

What Is History?

History refers to the study of past events that relate to human affairs. Such events are often connected with a particular person or thing. History is studied as a field of its own at various academic levels, from the middle class to college and university.

Many historians argue that this subject is a great tool, especially when determining the origin and identities of various phenome in the world. Even historical theories explain how the world and everything came to being. As such, it is important when trace back to the root cause of various events seen in today’s modern world.

The essential components of history are political, economic, and social. However, there has also been a dynamic shift in the histories of arts, ideas, philosophy, medicine, and technology in the recent past.

Tips On How To Research History Well

In the present world, almost every piece of information you need is only a click of a button away. The internet has become the most preferred ‘go-to’ option for sourcing facts and data. However, researching historical data would go beyond the internet.

  • Although museums and cultural centers are considered dull by Gen Z, this is where the gold mine is when researching history. These avenues present tangible artifacts and evidence of various historical data which may not be available on the internet. Furthermore, the entry fees are manageable, and there are academic institutions that frequently take students to such places.
  • There are also piles of historical books available either online or in libraries. You can find thousands of historical ideas to write about in these books. Sadly, most of these historical books remain untouched in most libraries because most students ‘don’t have the time for old historical data.’
  • You can also find great historical data from online sources such as the world encyclopedia. Whether you are looking for images or historical statistical data, these online sources are there for such purposes. You can easily retrieve these documents and use them at any time, unlike the physical books in the library, mostly given out on a short-term basis.

To help with history and for you to score top-class grades in school, here are excellent historical topics to start you off like a pro!

American History Topics

  1. Discuss the structure and formation of the American military in 1877
  2. Evaluate the perception of gender and sexuality in the American history
  3. Assess the histories of capitalism and labor in America
  4. Discuss the main tenets of Africa-American history
  5. What is the history of foreign relations in America?
  6. Evaluate the framework of American history after the Reconstruction
  7. What constituted American history to 1877?
  8. Discuss the history of diplomatic relations in America
  9. Explain the historical relations between America and Russia
  10. Religion in the history of America
  11. Race and ethnicity in the history of America
  12. Factors that contributed to the industrial revolution in America
  13. Events that contributed to the formation of the US constitution
  14. Discuss the place of democracy in the historical politics of America
  15. Why the American history plays a critical role in world history

US History Topics

  1. Discuss foreign policy and the US charter
  2. Evaluate the role of national interests and moral absolutes in the US history
  3. Explain the human rights and the American traditions
  4. Why was the cold war of significance to the US?
  5. Evaluate the role of the affirmative government in the American economy
  6. Discuss factors that contributed to the Imperial presidency in the US
  7. What are some of the vicissitudes of presidential reputations in the US?
  8. Democracy and leadership in the historical American politics
  9. The role of president John F. Kennedy in uniting Americans
  10. The computer revolution in the United States
  11. Explain the effects of the Reagan counterreformation in the US
  12. History of impeachment motions in the US congress
  13. Assess the role of American political decisions in wars
  14. Historical facts that make The White House stand out in the world
  15. The role of Plato’s writings in the making of the American history

World History Topics

  1. Evaluate the contributors to the rise and fall of various empires in the world
  2. Discuss the struggle for dominance among the world superpowers
  3. Effects of pulling empires together as subjects push back
  4. The impact of philosophy in shaping the wisdom of the world
  5. Discuss the role of awakening to the renaissance
  6. The reformation period in the world religion
  7. Factors that led to the world opening up to science and enlightenment
  8. Upgrading the war machines of the world
  9. The role of exploring and discovering in world history
  10. Discuss some of the essential historical documents of the world
  11. The significance of unforgettable dates in the world history
  12. Was war good for the ancient world?
  13. The role of tracking centuries and making connections in world history
  14. Factors that led to inspiring archeological findings in the world
  15. What is the significance of the preserved Pharaohs in Egypt?

Best History Topics To Research

  1. How to make sense of AD, BC, CE, and BCE
  2. How to tell classical from classical eras
  3. The history of bowing to kings and queens
  4. Discuss the making of Alexander the Great
  5. Explain the relationship between ancient Rome and the Roman Catholic Church
  6. Discuss how the Western empire fades into history
  7. Analyze the flourishing of civilizations in America
  8. Discuss the sharing and imposition of cultures in the ancient world
  9. Factors that led to the unity of Western Europe
  10. The assembling and disassembling of empires in world history
  11. The growing trade between the East and the West
  12. How training and experience shaped Columbus
  13. Challenging European dominance in the ancient world
  14. Discuss the reclamation of Africa for Africans
  15. Analyze the impact of various uprisings in Asia

High-Quality History Topics To Write About

  1. How Europe caused division in Africa
  2. Discuss the rebranding of France after its revolution
  3. Evaluate the effects of Britain’s battles on multiple fronts
  4. How various countries strived to challenge European dominance
  5. Factors that led to Latin America turning against Spanish and Portuguese rule
  6. Evaluate the role of Luther in the Christian reformation
  7. The role of governments in determining the religious direction of a country
  8. Factors that sparkled rebellion in Holland
  9. Events that led to the weakening of the Holy Roman Empire
  10. Men who pushed for puritanism in England and Scotland
  11. Discuss the significance of Henry’s legacy
  12. Factors that contributed to the formation of the Church of England
  13. The role of engineering in the industrial revolution
  14. The ferocity of the Macedonian empire
  15. How raiding was a way of life in ancient empires

Controversial Topics In History

  1. The impact of slavery on the ancient world
  2. How the Holocaust revealed the cold nature of man
  3. The historical background of the Russian invasion of Ukraine
  4. The role of early Islamic civilization in the world
  5. The effects of “The Dead of Antietam” exhibition by Matthew Brady
  6. Discuss the implications of the Vietnamese war
  7. America’s mass imprisonment of women believed to be sexually immoral
  8. The role of photography during the Great Depression period
  9. Analyze the most controversial stamps in US history
  10. Discuss how children were exposed to child labor in America
  11. Tracing gun control back to history
  12. How history has contributed to the growth of atheism in the world
  13. The impacts of immigration on population distribution
  14. Understanding the ancient temple in Cambodia
  15. Charles Darwin and the discovery of the history of the world

Interesting Topics Of History

  1. The impact of the Watergate scandal on American industry
  2. How 9/11 has shaped the security measures in the US airports
  3. The history of climate change from 1900
  4. The role of the stock market crash of 1929 in America’s economy
  5. The role of Woodrow Wilson in WWI
  6. Discuss the effects of the Christmas truce of 1914
  7. What contributed to US immigration before 1965?
  8. How the Irish potato famine contributed to historical immigration
  9. Structures that define the ancient Americas
  10. Discuss the rise of the Abolitionist Movement in America
  11. How Civil Rights Movements rose in the world
  12. Evaluate factors that led to the rise of Gay movements in the 19th century
  13. Analyze a time in history when inventions and science began to rise
  14. The effects of the Mexican-American war
  15. Natural disasters and environmental changes that have shaken the world in the past

Custom Black History Month Topics

  1. Explain the role of segregation and black migration in racial profiling
  2. The role of black women in the civil war era
  3. Discuss how the Garrison’s constitution affected black Africans
  4. The role of Amistad Captives and the Federal Courts
  5. Analyze the slave migration across the Atlantic to the abolition movement
  6. Why studying the Afro-Louisiana history and genealogy is essential
  7. The relevance of digitized transcripts from interviews of formerly enslaved people today
  8. Evaluate the aspects of chattel slavery and its destruction
  9. Discuss the history of African Americans struggling for freedom and human rights in the 18th century
  10. Unpack the various legal issues relating to enslaved African Americans
  11. The role of Benjamin Franklin in the abolition of the slave trade
  12. Discuss the contents of the District of Columbia Emancipation Act
  13. Analyze The Barbarism of Slavery in America
  14. Evaluate the role of the Anti-Slavery Society in Philadelphia in 1833
  15. The mistreatment of black workers in domestic workplaces

Conflict And Compromise In History Topics

  1. The implication of the crusades
  2. Discuss the differences between Muslims and Hindus in India
  3. Factors that contribute to conflict in the Middle East: Palestine and Israel
  4. Implications of conflict in India: Sikhs and Hindus
  5. Compare and contrast Reverend Moon against Conventional Religion
  6. Differences between Darwin v/s Creationism: The Scopes Trial of 1926
  7. Differentiate between John Humphrey Noyes and the Oneida Community
  8. The role of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II as the Reluctant Crusader
  9. Differences between the Islam of the West and its Alliances with Christianity of the East
  10. Describe the effects of the “New” Christians who followed the Conquistadors to Mexico
  11. Compare and contrast Oliver Cromwell v/s Charles II
  12. The role of Henry VIII in the Roman Empire
  13. Discuss the point of conflict between Galileo and the Vatican
  14. Evaluate the role of Martin Luther and the Indulgences
  15. The contribution of Jan Hus to the Czech Protestant movement

Advanced Black History Topics

  1. The role of the 14th amendment in the slave trade
  2. The contribution of the Trans-Atlantic trade to the African diaspora
  3. Discuss the role of Madam C.J. Walker in black history
  4. The exploits of Jackie Robinson in black history sports
  5. How the underground railroad is significant to the black history
  6. The contribution of black Americans to world war II
  7. The effects of the Montgomery Bus boycott
  8. How the march on Washington contributed to the abolition of the slave trade
  9. Discuss the effects of the post-civil rights era on black movements
  10. The implication of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  11. Compare and contrast Brown versus Board of Education
  12. The role of the voting rights Act of 1965 to the blacks
  13. Events that led to the assassination of Malcolm X
  14. How one bullet couldn’t kill the growing Black movement
  15. The role of southern landowners in restricting the Great Migration

Custom Ancient History Topics

  1. The differences between classical and ancient history
  2. Identify the main sources of Ancient history in today’s records
  3. Evaluate the key achievements of the early Iron Age
  4. Discuss the effects of religion and philosophy in ancient Greece
  5. How science and technology grew in ancient Rome
  6. The contributors to Ancient Chinese technology
  7. Compare and contrast the Music in ancient Greece and Rome
  8. How civilizations in Mesopotamian shaped the world
  9. The origin of world cultures and their roots in ancient history
  10. Discuss the state before the Columbian era
  11. Evaluate the effects of the Spartan war
  12. The role of Socrates in Western philosophy
  13. How Greek mythology shaped the rest of the world’s knowledge
  14. Discuss how poets and artists contributed to ancient history
  15. The roots of the Trojan war: A case study of Homer and his works

Good Topics In History From Experts

  1. Understanding Plato’s allegory of the cave concerning today’s world
  2. How Greek architecture influenced developments in other countries
  3. The economy and trade elements of Rome versus Greece
  4. Discuss how clothing in ancient Rome was different from the rest of the world
  5. Compare and contrast the classical and vulgar languages in the ancient world
  6. Ancient civil wars and lessons we can learn from them
  7. A study of the key events in the American revolution
  8. How symbolism played a critical part in ancient literature
  9. How religion and prophets were critical in the ancient world
  10. Discuss the relationship between religion and the political class in ancient Rome
  11. Evaluate the unique features of Palestine’s history
  12. Discuss the perception of death and immortality in ancient days
  13. Analyze the leadership style of Julius Caesar
  14. Dictatorship and authoritarian rule in ancient day governments
  15. Significant events that shaped the middle ages

Additional Controversial History Topics

  1. Discuss the historical foundations of NATO and its role today
  2. Effects of the US involvement in Afghanistan
  3. Factors that contributed to the Great Recession period
  4. What were the reasons for the Syrian conflict?
  5. Was Abraham Lincoln’s assassination a form of a political witch hunt?
  6. Discuss the various controversies surrounding the Civil War
  7. Evaluate the authenticity of the claims by Alabama
  8. Discuss the key figures of the Atlanta Campaign
  9. How the use of weapons in ancient civilizations resulted in more deaths
  10. The impact of the apartheid in the ancient world
  11. Factors that contributed to the colonization of Southern America
  12. The implications of the social relationships in Medieval Europe
  13. The aftershocks of the cold war on America
  14. How the battle for the seas caused tension between Britain and Spain
  15. The role of gender bias in England during the 17th century

Debatable History Topics

  1. What contributed to empiricism’s rise in Europe?
  2. Were there witch hunts behind the development of the Catholic Church?
  3. The implications of the Western theories and propaganda on Africa
  4. Discuss the main contributors to Europe literacy in the 19th century
  5. Analyze the Mid-Tudor crises
  6. The causes of the Salem Witch trials: religious and social
  7. Women’s independence since ancient times
  8. How Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès contributed to the French Revolution
  9. What was the contribution of Louis XVI?
  10. The role of Herbert Hoover in the Great Depression
  11. Impact of the Great Depression on international relations
  12. The role of women in the ancient workforce
  13. The relationship between America and Japan during WWII
  14. Did economic causes contribute to the world war?
  15. The role of Black Codes in ancient slavery

Top History Debate Topics

  1. Discuss the effects of the Emancipation Proclamation of 1963
  2. The cultural impact of Native Americans
  3. Personalities that contributed to the Revolutionary War
  4. Discuss the place of ethics in the Vietnam war
  5. Effects of the Industrial revolution on the environment
  6. Discuss child labor and the industrial revolution period
  7. How immigration contributed to the Agrarian and Industrial revolution
  8. The causes and effects of the Nuclear Age
  9. Discuss the role of McKinley in the American Imperialism
  10. Evaluate the impact of the Chicano movement
  11. The implications of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki events on inter-country relations
  12. The development of the labor class during the Russian Revolution
  13. How the world war contributed to dictatorship in most countries
  14. The contribution of democratic movement uprisings to political freedom
  15. Causes of economic depression in ancient America

Hot History Fair Topics

  1. A case study of the famous Italian painters
  2. The significance of the Eiffel Tower in ancient history
  3. The impact of Christianity and Islam on the middle ages
  4. How Leonardo da Vinci shaped ancient art
  5. How the Black Death contributed to the greatest ever population disaster
  6. Effects of racism on the American form of education
  7. The fall of the greatest capital in the world: A case of Constantinople
  8. The role of Gutenberg’s printing press in the printing revolutions
  9. How Christian slaveholders used religion to justify slavery in ancient day
  10. American revolution and women empowerment
  11. Factors that contributed to the fall of Napoleon
  12. Discuss the implication of the Declaration of Independence
  13. How the Berlin Wall contributed to the Cold War
  14. The role of Marie Antoinette in the French Revolution
  15. The collapse of Communism in the USSR

Fun History Topics

  1. Discuss the Apollo 11 landing of 1969
  2. Factors that led to the formation of the UN in 1945
  3. Effects of the Suffrage Movement from 1847 to 1920
  4. The implications of the Fall of the Wall in 1989
  5. The discovery of the DNA in the 1860s
  6. William and the battle of the Hastings
  7. The effects of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
  8. The roles of the works of Karl Marx
  9. The rise of feudalism in Rome
  10. Understanding Pearl Harbor’s history
  11. Capitalism and the rise of the workforce
  12. Native Americans and civilization
  13. The rise of the American stock market
  14. Socio-economic development past WWII

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