Best Hacks on How to Cheat on Learnsmart

how to cheat on learnsmart

Are you wondering how to cheat on LearnSmart? Whether you are in high school, university or college, these tips will help you get top grades. LearnSmart is a great platform that promotes remote learning by a high percentage.

In this article, you will get a better overview of what LearnSmart is and how best to cheat on the platform. It is ideal and you will meet all your academic goals.

What is LearnSmart?

LearnSmart is an online portal where students can do online exams or assignments. It is a portal that is designed to assess a student’s knowledge of course content. This is through adaptive questions that intelligently pinpoint concepts the student doesn’t understand – thereby mapping out a personalized study plan for utmost success.

Learn smart measures students’ knowledge and concepts then create ideal study plans based on individual needs. The LearnSmart portal monitors performance and dynamically adapts the study plan to maximize student’s learning.

In LearnSmart, you can study any time, get an individualized study plan, targeted remediation, access progress reports, access status reports, and a personal study calendar.

What is The SmartBook?

SmartBook prompts readers with various questions as they study and assesses the individual answers. Smartbook helps tutors to know what each student knows, where they are struggling, and highlight topics that require deeper understanding.

It personalizes content to each student’s unique needs and creates an ideal study path for the students. To access learn smart, you simply need to click on the “book icon” under the assessment heading. This will allow you to sign in to the LearnSmart connect program.

The Importance of Using LearnSmart?

LearnSmart increases teaching effectiveness and learning efficiency. This ultimately improves student engagement, grades, and retention. Additionally, LearnSmart encourages periodic reviews of the students to ensure concepts are truly learned.

Hugely, learn smart allows educators to focus on advanced topics, material application, and in-depth discussion. Previous analysis has shown that it has helped to improve students’ class and test preparation.

  1. Effective teaching: The LearnSmart platform guides students at their own pace and time. Students who engage more in learn smart modules participate more and perform better in-class projects. This improves students’ performance in class. When students are well-prepared, it ensures that professors can move fast when teaching and even dealt with advanced topics.
  2. Student performance improvement: By using learn smart, professors tend to see significant improvements in student grades and retention rates. This is because it is easy to note when a student is not good at a certain unit ad work on it. Ultimately, the generated reports help professors to know the strengths and weaknesses of the students.
  3. Students engagement: Students get to understand better and work smart in their studies. This is because all the needs are met. Whenever the students complete the modules, they become knowledgeable about the core course content and become more engaged in classroom discussions. In the long run, this increases career readiness.

Best Tips and Tricks on How to Cheat Through LearnSmart

Are you thinking of being a LearnSmart cheat? What is your motive? Oh well, cheating is common when you don’t want to repeat a certain unit or don’t want to stagnate at one point. However, on LearnSmart, it is a bit hard not unless you are smart at cheating.

On paper and pen, you can easily cheat through different modes without being noted. However, you need to be clever to cheat through LearnSmart. We will share some useful hacks on how to cheat on LearnSmart quizzes.

  • Create a Fake Profile

    The first and foremost mode is by creating a fake profile. Yes, you can use another account to do the test that you are required. Once you get your results, you will see the right answers, and jot them down.

    Now you can log in to your real account and try out the test with all the right answers. This strategy will help you to pass well in your exams. However, this requires you to part with some money – you can save up alone or with friends to succeed together.

    You need to be careful while signing up for an extra account because your school rules and your IP address can be detected. However, you can use a proxy to prevent your IP address from being noted.

  • Get Your Professors Account Details

    When a professor sets an exam, they are the ones who normally have the answers to the questions. Hence, if you get hold of the professor’s account details or computer, you can easily get the answers. However, this is so so dangerous!

    Be careful before putting your academics at stake because of a single exam. It is both an easy and complex way of getting answers.

  • Impersonation

    Are you doing the test while at home or in school? If you are doing the test while at home, you can have someone else more advanced than you doing the test for you. This will help you to get almost all the answers right. However, if there is video coverage, you can get an external keyboard and mouse. Then let the other person use the external devices to do it.

    Then you better act normal while doing the test. Also, if there is desktop and audio coverage, ensure it is silent to prevent any suspicion when doing the test. Additionally, it can be done through screen sharing; where you use multiple monitors or a projector to do the exam while being assisted.

  • High Tech Equipment

    Even when doing an exam that is closely being monitored, you can still use high-tech equipment. This even narrows down to undetectable Bluetooth devices.

    Additionally, you can use certain specialized calculators that can store formulas and other data to get higher marks in your exams. You can even use handwritten notes or write on your body or palms.

  • Using Mobile Phones

    Yes, you can use a mobile phone to search for answers. However, this method can be a bit difficult if you are being recorded. If you are smart enough, you can search through your mobile phone for certain answers, store answers, and even get answers from other external sources.

  • Use of External Devices

    There are a wide variety of external devices that can be used to cheat on LearnSmart. These include hard drives, USBs, MicroSD, and other external smart devices. However, the most common is an external keyboard or mouse.

    You can be on the screen pretending to be using the computer, while in the real sense, your impersonator is doing the test for you. However, you need to pretend that you are doing the test. Try your level best not to raise any kind of suspicion that can make you be penalized.

  • Get Help from Friends

    In this, you can use a projector with the help of friends or family nearby. They search for the answers- then when they get it, write it on a board that you can easily read, and insert the correct answer. However, this is a risky method and you will need to try as much as possible not to be noted or make any noise.

    This is a sure way of succeeding in your LearnSmart test. With two assistants you will be good to go. However, they shouldn’t be detected through the camera.

  • Exit the Test

    If you note that the exam is too difficult, you might as well try to exit from the test. This is with the excuse of poor internet connection, power issues, or other excuses. During this time, try to search for the various answers. However, don’t stay too long to prevent being detected. However, it is not a sure bet because in some cases when you exit, you won’t get back to where you were.

How Does LearnSmart Detect Cheating?

This amazing platform uses the webcam to record students while doing an exam, hence professors can review the footage later. All the proctored recordings are normally uploaded to the instructors’ “Tests” tab.

This will come in vital if there are any doubts that you did the test genuinely. At times, even audio is recorded to see whether you were getting any sort of help.

Can Teachers Tell Im Cheating On LearnSmart?

Well, if you use the right strategies, it can be so hard for your teacher or professor in college to note that you were cheating. In as much as online education is opening new ways for people to learn, it is also opening ways for easy cheating.

However, cheating isn’t fully morally wrong if it’s for a good reason. Let’s take the case in which someone had been sick for a while, yet they just missed out on a few lessons. Is that a legit reason for the student to fail an exam and have to repeat it?

That’s why it is not that bad to cheat. You may also be wondering how to use hotkeys to cheat on LearnSmart. However, that can be a bit tricky.

Ways used by teachers to prevent online cheating:

  1. Remote live proctoring through humans
    Credible software is used to monitor exams. These include software like Proctor cam or IRIS. In this software, they use basic computer webcams to enable human proctors to monitor all the students remotely as they do their exams.

    All students can be monitored through split screens. In this case, some students not doing the exams can be requested to monitor the students using the software.

    LearnSmart allows recoding of the students when doing the exam, hence, the teachers or professor can easily monitor you when doing the exam. Thereby, when doing an exam, be wary to prevent being caught.

  2. Web proctoring that doesn’t rely on humans
    This is just like the one monitored by humans, however, in this, the web cameras record you as you do the exam. However, it just saves the footage and sends it to the instructor or professor.

    If they want to watch it, they can do so at their will. However, the footage is mostly checked when there are doubts about cheating. Not only is this method great for monitoring online exams, but also for group projects, quizzes, assignments, or other exercises.

  3. Browser lockdowns
    When doing online tests, it can be so tempting for a student to ask a friend for help. However, with browser lockdowns, it locks down any other browser activities.

    This only allows students to see the screen that they are using to complete the test only. Once the student launches the assessment screen, the program blocks them from switching to other programs.

    Hence, this prevents messaging, screen sharing, or searching through other browser tabs. On the bright side, this can be solved through the use of a projector to display the screen and be helped by a third party.

    Alternatively, external devices can also be used in combination with webcam monitoring. It is an effective method.

  4. Plagiarism detection
    If you are doing an essay, research project, or paper. The various plagiarism detection tools like Copyscape can be used to check the originality of the test.

    If a student uses exact answers like on the internet. This can bring some bit of suspicion. Hence, as a student, you need to be wise enough. Try and be unique in how you answer questions.

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