Ultimate Guide On How To Cheat On The ACT

how to cheat on the act

Are you about to write your ACT exam and have been wondering how to get the best score? Perhaps you are ill-prepared and would want to know, “can you cheat on the act?” Yes, there are strategies and ways you can use to cheat on the ACT for top grades.
This is a comprehensive guide to ACT, highlighting what it is and its goals and answering the question, “how hard is it to cheat on the ACT?” We will also demonstrate its structure and the process of taking the ACT exam. Finally, we list crucial tips you can use for ACT test cheating.

What Is ACT?

ACT, shortened form of the American College Test, is an entrance exam used by universities and colleges when making admission decisions. It works like the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) but is more widely used in colleges today. The primary goal of the ACT exam is to evaluate what a student has learned and, therefore, his/her readiness for college.

The college administrations review the ACT score alongside the student’s performance in high school, classes taken, and recommendation letters from mentors/ teachers before accepting or declining admission. Therefore, the higher the score you get on the ACT exam, the greater the chances of getting admitted to that dream college or university. This is why ACT cheating has become so crucial for learners.

The ACT Structure And How It Works

ACT is structured into four parts, English, maths, reading, and science. It also comprises an optional additional part of writing. In total, a student is required to handle 215 questions comprising multiple choices and an essay in the writing section.

Here is a breakdown of the different parts and the main requirements:

  • Act English Test: This part comprises 75 questions and takes 45 minutes. Instead of assessing a student’s ability to retrieve information after reading a passage, this part of the ACT test looks at individual sentences, phrases and paragraphs.
  • ACT Mathematics Test: Unlike the English test, this section comes with 60 questions and takes 60 minutes. The questions include numbers & quantity, algebra, functions, geometry, statistics & probability, modelling, and integrating crucial skills.
  • ACT Reading Test: This part has 40 questions and takes 35 minutes. The questions are aimed at testing the learners’ comprehension ability and comprise four parts; fiction, social science, humanities, and natural science.
  • ACT Science Test: This section of the test also comprises 40 questions, and the student has to take a maximum of 35 minutes. Here, you are not necessarily required to have advanced knowledge of a specific area of science but a general understanding of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, and meteorology.
  • ACT Writing test: Here, you have 40 minutes to answer one question, and it is optional. A prompt is given in this section, and you are required to respond with an essay.
    The main expectations of this part include the following:

    • You analyze the issue or perspective provided.
    • Develop your own perspective.
    • Demonstrate the relationship between the issue at hand and the perspective given.

ACT Exam Scoring

Before taking the test, you have to start by booking it, which can be done by mail or online through the ACT official website. Note that the exam is done on six to seven dates every year, and the results are available 2-3 weeks after completing the test.
Every part of the exam is scored on a 1-36 point scale. Your composite score is the average achieved in all four section scores. If you take the test with the Writing Test, the composite score will have a separate score for the optional part. We must also say that students are allowed to retake the test several times, and most of them opt to do it 2-3 times.

How To Cheat On The ACT

There are several methods, including working with colleagues and exploiting global time differences, which you can employ. Here is a closer look at the common act, cheating tips that can be helpful.

  • Eliminate Similar Answers
    This might look pretty easy for any student to apply, but can work effectively and give you top scores on ACT. In most exams, including ACT, there are similar answers, and all that a student needs to do is identify them. Then, there are misleading answers. If you can identify these options and cancel them out, the chances of getting the right answer to a question will be pretty high.
  • Use Manipulation with Different Time Zones
    Using time differences is one of the effective ACT test cheats, but we must say it can be pretty risky. The time for different regions varies depending on the sun’s relative position. For example, a person in New York has always been behind another one in South Korea for 13 hours. Therefore, you can ask a person writing the exam in Australia or South Korea to text you the answers before your time to start the test.
    This method can work effectively because most of the tests are the same. However, cheating on ACT test with this method requires a student to be pretty smart to avoid getting caught.
  • Make Friends and Work with them During the Exam
    This is one of the top ACT cheats that students prefer because it is pretty easy to employ. The idea is to try and identify friends before the start of the exam and work together to get most of the answers correct. Your friends can help you by providing clues to the answers to specific questions.
    For example, students might opt to use symbols, such as A, B, C and D or even objects like pens to highlight answers to specific questions. This method works best if you get the opportunity to sit next to friends ready to cheat on the ACT.
  • Understand Common Formulas
    As we indicated earlier, the ACT is used by colleges to gauge how effectively you are prepared for the next level of training. Therefore, the tests are general and can be completed by understanding common formulas. Instead of writing the formulas on the palm or a piece of paper that can easily be noticed by supervisors, it is advisable to understand them.
    To understand the formulas, consider practising with related problems. This can also help you to prepare for the test and provide confidence in tackling different questions. If you are able to communicate with other students in a different time zone, it might be possible to work on problems similar to what is likely to be in the ACT exam.

Why And When You Might Need To Cheat On ACT

There are dozens of reasons why students might want to cheat on the ACT exam. Here are some of them:

  • Most students, including those who score top grades in school, might be in one or several areas. This can easily result in poor scores on the ACT and losing the opportunity to join the university/ college of choice.
  • If you sat for the ACT and scored poorly and now target getting a better grade.
  • You have dozens of other things to do, making it challenging to prepare appropriately for the exam.
  • Your performance in a specific area, such as the sciences and mathematics, was poor, but you want to get a better score on ACT.
  • If you are stressed not just by the ACT exam, but also with other things, that can result in poor performance.
  • You have poor writing skills and want to do the last optional part, preparing an essay.

Crucial Study Tips When Preparing For ACT

Even as you learn and apply the methods we have listed above on how to cheat on the ACT exam, it is prudent to also prepare appropriately. Here are some expert tips that you can employ when preparing for the ACT exam. But if you’re having difficulties with ACT exam, but also with assignments, you can always use the Assignment Geek service, which will greatly reduce your time for assignments.

  • Read through the materials provided at ACT.org on how students should go about the tests. They provide free English, maths, science, and reading questions that you can use to sharpen your skills.
  • Stay focused on your studies. Instead of taking all the time on activities that can make you forget things taught in school, try to stay on top of your skills. For example, you can dedicate an hour a day to revising the things you have learned in high school until the day of the test.
  • Talk to other students, especially those who passed the same test successfully. Apart from giving you some hints on how to cheat on the ACT exam, they can provide useful tips on the nature of questions to anticipate.
  • Seek the assistance of teachers before taking the test. Teachers, whether at school or online, can be crucial assets in helping you to build the necessary skills for handling all the questions on the ACT exam.
  • Avoid being overconfident. Although you might be good at doing academic tests, learn to take every exam seriously. This means solving each question on the ACT exam quickly and accurately to avoid losing points.
  • Practice by taking other similar and timed assessments. This can help you learn important strategies, such as answering simple questions first to avoid wasting time and tackling complex ones.

The Risks Of Cheating On ACT Test

Now that we have listed some of the best tips on how to cheat on the ACT exam, it is prudent to appreciate that there is no method that is foolproof. Therefore, you need to be aware of the risks involved. If you are caught cheating, here are the risks:

  1. There is a danger of getting arrested and a case filed against you. If the case of cheating is proven, there is a danger of getting slapped with penalties.
  2. Your ACT scores could get invalidated. If the supervisor catches you red-handed cheating in an ACT exam, the papers are withdrawn, implying that you will have to take the exam another time.
  3. It lowers or completely blocks the chances of getting admitted to the university or college of choice. Because your details are already available at the ACT.org database, it might be a tall order to get admitted to a university. This could easily compromise your ability to advance in your career.
  4. Financial-related losses. Because students pay to sit for ACT exams, getting caught means losing your money. You also waste a lot of time. When you decide to take the test another time, another payment will be required.

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