How to Write a Book Report: Essential Tips and Advice

how to write a book report

Did you find this page when searching for guides on how to write a book report because the educator has given you this assignment? If yes, this article is a perfect piece for you. Book report writing is an academic task that terrorizes many students. That’s because completing this assignment is not easy.

Ideally, a book report can challenge you to think critically about a text and write an essay about its content. What’s more, a book report can take different forms.

Primary among them include:

  • Character analyses
  • Theme analyses
  • Plot summaries

Regardless of the form that the educator asks you to use, book report writing will enable you to practice providing opinions about various aspects of a text. For instance, you can provide your option about how the author uses dialogue or description. While educators give more support to learners in 3rd grade when writing book reports, your college or university professor might not. That means you must know how to do a book report alone if the educator assigns you this task.

What is a Book Report?

A book report is a write-up that summarizes and describes a non-fiction or fiction work. In some cases, a book report includes the writer’s evaluation of the work.

Whether in 7th grade, high school, middle school, or university, your book report should contain an introductory paragraph sharing the book’s title and the author’s name. You can develop your opinion about the text’s underlying meaning and compose a thesis statement for your report. And this statement should appear in the introductory paragraph. Also, use examples from the book and interpretations supporting your arguments.

Perhaps, you’re wondering whether a book report is the same as a book review. Writing a book report is not the same as writing a review because the former is less detailed. Ideally, this report is a summary or a brief explanation of the book’s content. It also informs readers about the central storyline and the main theme of the work.

On the other hand, a book review is more detailed and more prolonged. It does more than summarize the events of a story. But a book report presents an overview of the reasons for choosing a specific text and thoughts of how the author could have changed or improved it if circumstances were different.

Nevertheless, some learners find this task difficult to complete, no matter how simple it might seem. This article highlights the critical steps to writing a book report.

How to Write Book Reports

Educators assign students book report writing assignments to test their ability to read and analyze books critically. That means you could write several book reports during your academic career. So, how do you write a book report?

Before proceeding to the steps of writing a report about a book, it’s crucial to know the elements to include in this write-up.

What to Include in a Book Report

When writing a book report, start by reading and analyzing the information of the text in question. Essentially, your teacher wants you to discuss the main themes, story plot, and characters objectively in your report. Regardless of the paper type the educator wants you to write, your book report should tell the readers what makes the work interesting.

Here are the primary book report elements:

  • Basic details of the book, including the author, title, publisher, length, and the year of publication.
  • Plot and setting of the book
  • The time when the story unfolds
  • Characters in the book and essential factors about them
  • Quotes and examples from the text supporting your viewpoint

Whether writing a middle-grade or high school book report, ensure that your work contains these crucial elements.

How to Start a Book Report: The Pre-Writing Steps

Like other academic assignments, a book report requires preparation before writing. Here are the pre-writing steps to follow once the educator assigns you this task.

  1. Select the book to analyze: You can use the assignment prompt, genre, author, and title to pick the book to read and study. Also, consider the aspects of a book that interest you.
  2. Read and make notes: When reading a biography or a fiction book, track the main characters, key events, actions, and the setting. Also, determine the primary symbols and topics the author wants to bring out. For a non-fiction book, consider the main ideas and prepare to discuss them in your report.
  3. Select direct quotes: They are to be included in the report to support your thesis statement and arguments.
  4. Prepare and organize: Make sure to take notes on what you wish to include under headings and sub-headings.

Make sure that you have sufficient information before embarking on the process of writing your reading report.

How to Write a Good Book Report

Writing a good book report requires careful selection of an exciting book. Also, take notes when reading the book to avoid missing helpful information. After that, follow these steps to write a good book report.

1. Create a Book Report Outline

Writing with a good outline makes the task easier. If the educator gives you a writing prompt, use it to create the report structure. That way, you will write a book report that answers the question the educator asked you. Here’s what a book report format should look like:

  • Introduction
  • Book summary
  • Book details like characters
  • Book details like events
  • Book details like plot
  • Evaluation
  • Conclusion

2. Write the Introduction

A book report introduction should feature the basic details of the work. And this includes the book’s title, author, publication information, and genre. Your book report structure will be incomplete without an introductory paragraph. Apart from providing the basic information, use the introduction to build interest in your readers by mentioning unusual circumstances or facts about the book writing.

For instance, you can start the report with such sentences:

“In Charlotte’s Web novel by E.B. White, you may think the rat is an unnecessary character. However, its constant search for food keeps the plot moving in several ways….”

You can also provide essential details of the author’s credentials or the book. For instance, was it a bestseller? Is the writer an authority in the industry or on the subject? A book report is personal. Therefore, tell the readers why you opted to read it.

3. Write the Body

The body is a vital part of the structure of a book report because it describes the book. This section shows the audience that you read and understood the text you’re analyzing. Here are tips to help you write the body section of your report.

  • Include a paragraph providing an overview of the book’s story. And this can include period, setting, plot, and main characters. You can also tell the readers about the storyteller, tone, atmosphere, and point of view.
  • Provide character details: Your report should have a paragraph describing the main characters, their conflict, or the problems they try to solve. Also, mention other characters in the text.
  • Plot: Tell your readers about the event sequence in the book. For instance, write about the plot highlights, from the moment the action starts to climax or conflict resolution. Also, mention the literary devices that the author uses and their effectiveness.

If writing a non-fiction book report, describe its subject in the body and the author’s viewpoint. You can use chapter titles to present the author’s arguments and ideas more orderly. Nevertheless, don’t try to cover everything the author says or argues about in your report. Instead, select the primary and exciting ideas to discuss in the book. If it’s a bibliography, tell your readers about important events in the individual’s life.

4. Conclusion

The conclusion of a book report allows you to provide a critique of the work. Therefore, tell the readers about the weaknesses and strengths of the book. Did you find the book interesting? What lessons did you get from the book? What impact did the book have on you?

5. Revise and Edit

After drafting your book report, don’t submit it for marking without revising and editing it. That’s because minor errors can lower your otherwise excellent grade. Therefore, take your time to proofread and edit your work or ask somebody else to do it for you.

What Does a Book Report Look Like?

A book report looks like a summary, but it proves that you read, understood, and analyzed the work. Here are possibilities of the things you can include in your report.

  1. Reasons for choosing the book: Unless the educator assigned you a specific text, tell the readers why you decided to analyze and report about it. Such information can be great for the introduction after making a universal statement.
  2. Personal reflection: A book report can feature a personal review of the work. You can also slip some comparisons between the character’s life and yours, personal experiences, and plot events.
  3. Include quotes: Quotes can make your report more captivating to the audience while proving that you have read, understood, and analyzed the book. Therefore, pick interesting quotes while reading the book and consider the appropriate places to include them in the report.

Tips on How to Make a Good Book Report

When giving you a book report assignment, your teacher is looking for proof that you read and understood the content of the text. Essentially, this write-up is like an essay summarizing the primary ideas of the author. Although this book report guide has highlighted the main details for writing it, these tips should simplify the process and help you score the top grade in your class.

  • Read and understand the assignment instruction to know what the educator wants you to do.
  • Read your preferred or the assigned book while taking notes.
  • Create an outline to help you plan and organize your writing process.
  • Use quotes and examples to support your main points in the report.
  • Proofread and edit your work to eliminate errors before submitting it.
  • Read book report samples if unsure about what the educator wants you to write.

Book report writing can feel and seem like a daunting task. However, you can follow these guidelines to write a winning report without breaking a sweat.

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