211 LGBT Research Paper Topics To Ace Your Grades Easily

LGBT Research Paper Topics

The LGBT community has changed tremendously over the years. From the societal perception of individuals of this community to the legal rights that they have received, there has been a huge shift in the last century. LGBT activism has opened up several areas of research related to sociology, psychology, law and a lot more. Here are some LGBT research paper topics that let you delve into these areas and collect ample data and content.

With over 200 topics mentioned below, here are some tips that will help you pick the ones that suit you the best:

  • Choose a topic that is popular and trending

  • Make sure that the topic that you choose interests you

  • Do not opt for niche topics with very little data and information

  • Choosing controversial topics is a great way to build an argumentative paper.

  • Topics about books, films and other cultural contributors to LGBT activism spike tremendous interest and also provide great scope for research.

Best LGBT Thesis Topics

There are many areas of discussion when it comes to the LGBT community. Here are some of the best LGBT Research topics that will help you write a well-structured paper:

  1. LGBT community and the changes in religious ideas and beliefs.

  2. Classification of the LGBT community

  3. The effect of culture on LGBT people

  4. Laws and the LGBT community

  5. Political parties that have been aligned with LBGT ideologies

  6. Political preferences and the effect on the LBGT community

  7. History of the LGBT community

  8. Cultural norms and how they shaped LGBT history

  9. Prominent personalities in LGBT history

  10. The role of media in LGBT activism

  11. Traces of lesbianism.

  12. The origins of the LGBT community

  13. Countries that first supported LGBT marriage

  14. Why do some countries still not support LGBT marriage?

  15. The influence of films and TV in supporting LGBT rights.

  16. Most popular LGBT fictional characters on TV

  17. LGBT themes in the Bible

  18. The impact of LGBT and Heterosexual marriage

  19. The increasing rate of depression among LGBT individuals

  20. Workplace discrimination against LGBT community

  21. The influence of the internet on the LGBT community.

Trending LGBT Research Topics

The growing interest in LGBT community and their rights always keeps them in the news. These are some LGBT essay topics that have become extremely popular in recent times:

  1. The increasing rate of violence against the LGBT community

  2. The Orlando nightclub shooting.

  3. Unique issues of the LGBT community that have come to light

  4. Celebrities who belong to the LGBT community

  5. The impact of social media on LGBT rights

  6. The need for LGBT inclusion in schools

  7. Progress of the LGBT community in the last decade

  8. Healthcare disparity in the LGBT community

  9. The impact of sexual violence on the LGBT populations

  10. The AIDS crisis and its impact on LGBT Rights

  11. The perception of LGBT community in today’s society

  12. The LGBT Community and increasing mental health issues.

  13. Top LGBT friendly companies worldwide

  14. Media coverage and the intersection between LGBT rights and religion

  15. The increase in dedicated dating apps for the LGBT community

  16. Safety concerns of children belonging to the LGBT community in schools

  17. Recent laws to improve the quality of life of individuals in the LGBT community.

  18. Increasing alcohol misuse in the LGBT community.

  19. Beijing and its approach to LGBT Issues and Gay rights

  20. The impact of the pandemic on the LGBT community

  21. Your views on the addition of gender neutral pronouns in the White House website.

LGBT Essay Topics for Detailed Research

Some topics about the LGBT community have been discussed before and are very easy for students to collect material about. Here is a list of some LGBT discussion topics that allow detailed research and discussion:

  1. Family planning in the LGBT community

  2. Reproductive health of individuals from the LGBT community

  3. Gender norms and the culture of your country

  4. Domestic violence in the LGBT community

  5. Racial exclusion within the LGBT community

  6. The need for a better status of the LGBT community in the civil society

  7. The issue of LGBT bullying

  8. Traditional culture and the perception of LGBT community

  9. The effect of the three branches of government on the LGBT community

  10. The sociological perspective of the LGBT community

  11. The need to legalize gay marriage across the globe.

  12. The role of intersectionality in dealing with LGBT Issues.

  13. The impact of LGBT community on urban change

  14. How the LGBT community has contributed to TV and Films

  15. How social media conversations about LGBT community have changed over the years.

  16. The need for an LGBT center in schools and colleges

  17. The need for LGBT centers at the workplace

  18. Poverty and its effects of the LGBT community

  19. The church and counselling for the LGBT community

  20. The negative impact of victimizing adolescents in the LGBT community

  21. The need to educate children about the LGBT community

Easy LGBT Topics for Research

Looking for topics that can help you write your paper without any stress? These are some of the easiest gay topics for research as they are popular and also have a lot of information available about them.

  1. The Stonewall Riots of riot of 1969 and LGBT civil rights

  2. LGBT community in Russia

  3. Increasing cases of LGBT bullying in Japanese schools

  4. The advantages of same sex adoption

  5. Non traditional adoption and its benefits for the LGBT community

  6. LGBT adoption laws.

  7. The importance of LGBT Rights in the society

  8. LGBT discrimination and the violation of civil rights

  9. The plight of LGBT refugees in canada

  10. The role of social media in increasing cases of depression in the LGBT community

  11. Social media as the voice of the LGBT community

  12. LGBT rights and the evolution over 50 years

  13. The relationship between feminism and LGBT rights

  14. Cultural evolution within the LGBT community

  15. Voguing as a means of expression for the LGBT community

  16. Contrasting opinions for feminism and the LGBT community

  17. Homophobia in popular culture

  18. The impact of homophobic hip hop music on attitudes towards the LGBT community

  19. Common grounds between the LGBT community and feminists

  20. How the LGBT community and feminists support each other

  21. Homophobic incidents that shocked the world

Transgender Research Paper Topics

These transgender research questions help you understand the community better and also present facts and data in a structured manner.

  1. Employment discrimination against transgenders

  2. Transgenders: The Acts and Behaviours leading up to transitions

  3. Depiction of transgenders in film and TV

  4. Dealing with kids who are transgender

  5. The issue of exclusive washrooms for transgenders

  6. Transgenders in mythology

  7. Societal discrimination against transgenders

  8. The need to educate children about transgenders

  9. The Big Five Personality Theory and Transgenders

  10. Gender dysphoria

  11. The advancement of epigenetics and genetics in treating gender dysphoria

  12. Transgender roles in society

  13. Difference between non-binary identity and transgender identity

  14. The perception of cross dressing

  15. Cultural contributions of the transgender community

  16. What is dual role transvestism?

  17. The psychological impact of being transgender

  18. The various identities of transgender individuals

  19. Understanding the difference between transgender and transexual

  20. Transgender rights and their evolution

  21. Primary reasons for people wanting to change their sex

  22. The impact of the society and family on transgender individuals

  23. Analysis of Simon Weil’s theory of equality

  24. Review of the book ‘Call me Caitlyn’ and its impact on transgender community

  25. Transgender and Self Identity

  26. Challenges faced by transgender individuals on a daily basis

  27. The challenges of transgender students

  28. The importance given to transgenders in the Fairness of All Marylanders Act of 2014.

  29. Ethical issues of gender reassignment surgery

  30. The challenges of a transgender man versus a transgender woman.

  31. Transgender identity and human rights

  32. Instances of inhumane transgender discrimination

  33. The transgender community and interpersonal relationships

  34. Analysis of the film ‘Boys Don’t Cry”

  35. Public opinion on the transgender community

  36. Most popular Non Profit Organizations for Transgenders

  37. Why Transgender Civil Rights are viewd as a Public Safety Issue

  38. The causes for stigma against transgender individuals

  39. Effects of video games on how transgender individuals are perceived.

  40. Gender Segregated Bathrooms and Transgender Rights

  41. Common issues faced by transgender patients

Controversial Human Sexuality Topics

Human sexuality has always been a subject of controversy. Here are some of the most popular LGBT topics for research paper that cover these issues.

  1. The biological basis of sexual identification

  2. How sexual orientation has become an added axis of inequality in our society

  3. The impact of the idea of ‘Sex as Leisure’ on the LGBT community

  4. The concept of consensual non-monogamy

  5. Sexual science: Its it an oxymoron or an emerging discipline

  6. The age at which children should be taught about sexuality

  7. Biological research to support human sexual orientation

  8. Common human sexuality issues

  9. The need for more research on human sexuality

  10. The psychological dimensions of human sexuality

  11. Alternate sexual behaviours

  12. The difference between sex, sexual orientation and gender

  13. Are men more inclined to have casual sex?

  14. The suppression of female sexuality

  15. How evolutionary psychology has misguided our understanding of human sexuality

  16. Sexual health and the LGBT community

  17. Human sexuality is not binary. Comment

  18. The shifting paradigms of sexuality and psychotherapy

  19. The changing perceptions of human sexuality

  20. The reasons for opposition to sexual education

  21. Using pornographgic videos on free websites

  22. The impact of media on the increasing cases of sexual addiction

  23. Incompetence in research related to human sexual behaviour

  24. The nature of Intimate relationships among same gender partners

  25. Human sexuality and the ideas propagated in religious texts.

LGBT Group Discussion Topics

There are endless subjects and gay rights research paper topics that can open up serious discussions and arguments. Here are some of the most popular topics for group discussions:

  1. Should same gender parents be allowed to adopt children? Do they make good parents?

  2. Should individuals from the LGBT community be allowed to hold offices in religious institutions like the church?

  3. Should the government have a say in who can get married and who should not get married?

  4. What was the impact of feminism on LGBT Rights between the 1950s and the 1970s?

  5. How can you characterize the progress made by individuals in the LGBT community in promoting equality for individuals with unique sexual identity?

  6. Should the Universal Declaration of Human Rights include a special section for LGBT rights?

  7. The effects of the Trump administration on the perception of the LGBT community

  8. The effect of the retirement of Justice Kennedy on LGBT community?

  9. Should discrimination agaisnt people of a different sexual orientation be an act punishable by law?

  10. Why is there a disparity in healthcare provided to the LGBY community?

  11. The causes for rampant drug addiction in the LGBY community

  12. Should teachers from the LGBT community be offered protection in schools and universities

  13. The role of language in disempowering and empowering the LGBT community

  14. The best ways to raise awareness among people in parts of the world that are still homophobic

  15. Does homophobia exist within the LGBT community?

  16. Integration of individuals from the LGBT community into the armed forces and military services

  17. Are LGBT families represented wrongly in media and in advertisements

  18. Does racial exclusion exist within the LGBT community?

  19. Are LGBT women treated differently from men who belong to the community?

  20. Is there any obvious discrimination against youth belonging to the LGBT community in juvenile courts?

  21. Is there a need for higher engagement among gay-straight alliances?

LGBT Project Ideas for Best Grades

If you plan to present a project on LGBT community, there are several topics that you can choose from. Here is a list of the best LGBT project ideas that have scope for interesting discussions and follow ups:

  1. Gay Rights and the Roman Catholic Church

  2. How school discipline affects sexual orientation: Provide population based samples

  3. How marketing and advertisements are catering to the LGBT community in the current world.

  4. The impact of dance in self expression among the LGBT community

  5. Films based on LGBT rights and Activism

  6. The need for exclusive Lesbian and Gay Film Festivals globally

  7. The association of rainbow colours with the LGBT community

  8. Pride marches and their political impact

  9. Special stories of commitment and love in the LGBTQ community

  10. A glossary of popular terms used by the LGBT community and their meaning

  11. Different types of gender identity

  12. The positive impact of media and journalism on LGBT rights

  13. Why do people conceal their sexual identity?

  14. The Supreme Court and its role in same sex marriage

  15. Is LGBT Activism the Civil Rights Movement of the 21st Century?

  16. Male perspective on gay versus lesbians

  17. The challenges faced by the underground LGBT community

  18. The Third Reich and the Persecution of Lesbian and Gay individuals

  19. How the Homosexuality isse was avoided by the US military

Simple LGBT Writing Prompts

Use these LGBT Writing Prompts to build a strong subject for your research paper. They cover some of the most interesting and controversial topics in recent times.

  1. Professional athletes and their struggles of coming out of the closet.

  2. The depictions of homosexuality by Jack Kerouac and William S Burroughs

  3. Changing family units because of the legalization of gay marriage

  4. Increasing rates of suicide among lesbian aand gay adolescents

  5. The changing psychological perspectives of homesecuality

  6. Common social issues of the Gay and Lesbian community

  7. The implications and links between depression and homosexiality

  8. The modern transgender phenomenon

  9. Myths and facts about the LGBT community and HIV

  10. The most popular psychological theories about homosexuality

  11. Homosexuality and the association with Alexander the Great

  12. The concept of Machismo in the Latin American culture and their understanding of homosexuality

  13. The African American Community and Homosexuality

  14. The perceived threat of homosexuality because of gender roles

  15. The 20th century world and the perspectives of homosexuality

  16. Comparison of the LGBT community in Europe, Asia and America

  17. Homosxuality in Greek and Roman mythology

  18. The psychological causes and impact of homophobia

  19. The social pressures of children of lesbian and gay parents

  20. The psychological impact on children with gay and lesbian parents.

  21. The most successful individuals in the world who belong to the LGBT community.

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