211 Brand New Artificial Intelligence Topics for 2023

Artificial Intelligence Topics

In this blog post, you will find 211+ artificial intelligence topics for high school, college and university students. The topics are split into 21 categories, so you will surely be able to find the topics you’re looking for in mere minutes. All our topics are original and have been created by our veteran writers and editors.

We have the AI essay topics technology students need – guaranteed. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay anything for these topics. They are listed on this page, so you can use any one of them 100% free. Yes, you can even reword the topics as you see fit. After all, our company has been established with a clear goal in mind: to help every student get the best grades possible.

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Why Our Artificial Intelligence Topics?

OK, but why would you choose our AI topics? While there may be several other websites that are offering artificial intelligence topics to students, we are unique. Here is why:

  • All our topics are original and have been created by our team of experts
  • Our topics are relatively easy to write about. We’ve made sure there is more than enough information online.
  • You can use any of our topics for free without giving us any kind of credit
  • The list of topics is updated periodically, so you can probably find at least a dozen topics that nobody in your class has thought about every time you visit this blog post.

We know you’re anxious to get started on your academic paper. After all, you probably don’t have a lot of time at your disposal to write the paper. So, without further ado, here are our best artificial intelligence topics:

Fun Artificial Intelligence Research Topics

If you are looking for some fun artificial intelligence research topics, you have definitely arrived at the right place. Check out these ideas:

  1. A practical application of deep learning
  2. How do industrial robots work?
  3. Discuss AI-assisted investments
  4. A simple machine learning application
  5. Using artificial intelligence for detecting fraud
  6. Compare and contrast 3 robots
  7. The history of artificial intelligence
  8. Discuss narrow AI implementations
  9. Analyze social intelligence
  10. Define machine consciousness
  11. Solving complex problems using artificial intelligence
  12. Can artificial intelligence simulate the human brain?

Easy Topics in Artificial Intelligence

In case you don’t want to spend days working on your essay, we would strongly recommend you to pick one of our easy topics in artificial intelligence (it’s easy to find resources and information about these topics on the Internet):

  1. Define deep learning
  2. Define machine learning
  3. Define social intelligence
  4. The AGI approach (artificial general intelligence)
  5. Applications of artificial intelligence in banking
  6. Applications of AI in space exploration
  7. Applications of artificial intelligence in social networks
  8. Discuss machine consciousness
  9. Ethical issues with artificial intelligence
  10. Discuss Natural Language Processing
  11. Advancements in artificial intelligence in 2023
  12. The future of artificial intelligence
  13. Using artificial intelligence to catch plagiarism
  14. The philosophy of artificial intelligence

AI Research Topics for High School

Yes, we have an entire category dedicated to high school students. Take a look at these awesome AI research topics for high school and pick the one you like:

  1. The risks of narrow artificial intelligence
  2. The risks of general AI
  3. Define and discuss the concept of superintelligence
  4. Limitation of current artificial intelligence
  5. Best machine learning algorithms
  6. Programming robots in 2023
  7. Discuss the concept of ethical machines
  8. The impact of AI since its inception
  9. Machine sentience: an in-depth analysis
  10. Will robots take over the world?
  11. Will robots replace the human workforce?
  12. Movements against artificial intelligence
  13. Artificial intelligence in the military
  14. AI drones in the United States
  15. Artificial moral agents

Difficult Artificial Intelligence Research Paper Topics

Do you want to impress your professor and your classmates? The easiest way to do this is to write about one of our difficult artificial intelligence research paper topics:

  1. Present the most effective deep learning algorithm
  2. Write a machine learning algorithm
  3. Compare and contrast 3 AI systems
  4. Discuss malevolent artificial intelligence
  5. Top 3 breakthroughs in AI in 2023
  6. Computationalism versus functionalism
  7. Discuss the implementation of robot rights
  8. Analyze the technological singularity
  9. Discuss the concept of hyperintelligence
  10. How do AI systems work?
  11. Alexa’s use of artificial intelligence: a case study
  12. Siri’s use of artificial intelligence: a case study
  13. Netflix’s use of artificial intelligence
  14. Amazon’s use of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Topics for Presentation

Are you preparing to start working on your presentation? No problem; we’re here to help! Take a look at these excellent artificial intelligence topics for presentation:

  1. The current state of artificial intelligence
  2. The future of artificial intelligence
  3. Major breakthroughs in AI
  4. The basic functionality of an AI system
  5. What does deep learning mean?
  6. Machine learning algorithms
  7. A presentation of Natural Language Processing
  8. The impact of artificial intelligence
  9. Present the concepts and ideas behind narrow AI
  10. Present general artificial intelligence
  11. Artificial intelligence regulations in the US
  12. Artificial intelligence regulations in Europe
  13. Artificial intelligence in fiction

Controversial Topics in AI

Artificial intelligence is a relatively new field, so it has plenty of controversies surrounding it. Here are some interesting, controversial topics in AI for you to write about:

  1. Should robots be allowed to become sentient?
  2. Do the 3 laws of robotics actually exist?
  3. Facial recognition software concerns
  4. Privacy laws and artificial intelligence
  5. Should robots have rights?
  6. The role of human judgment in robotics
  7. Signs of bias in AI behavior
  8. Signs of discrimination in AI behavior
  9. Building a superintelligent artificial intelligence
  10. Can artificial intelligence development be stopped?
  11. Discuss AI and religion (do they get along?)
  12. Creative works by artificial intelligence systems
  13. Analyze the apparition of Deepfake videos
  14. Automated grading systems in our schools

Artificial Intelligence Topics for a Thesis

If you are preparing to start working on your thesis, you surely need some good ideas. Here are some of our best suggestions for artificial intelligence topics for a thesis:

  1. The latest advancements in AI algorithms
  2. Quantum computing and artificial intelligence
  3. AI experiments and their success rate
  4. Teaching your computer to create music
  5. AI in social media marketing campaigns
  6. Tesla’s use of artificial intelligence: a case study
  7. Artificial intelligence predicting election results
  8. Analyze the most prominent machine learning technology
  9. Discuss the simulation of the human brain by AI systems
  10. Image recognition using artificial intelligence
  11. Important applications of artificial intelligence today
  12. Security applications using artificial intelligence
  13. Analyze deep generative models

Argument Debate Topics on AI

Are you looking for an argument debate topic? We have plenty of argument debate topics on AI right here for free:

  1. Pros and cons of probabilistic programming
  2. AI and the Internet of Things
  3. AI development should be heavily regulated
  4. Giving artificial intelligence access to our weapons systems
  5. Robot hunter-killers on the battlefield
  6. Real-life artificial intelligence versus movies
  7. Can AI distinguish between good or bad?
  8. Can a computer be ethical?
  9. Large Scale Machine Learning: the future?
  10. Do robots have morals?
  11. Two artificial intelligence applications that revolutionized the industry
  12. Teaching artificial intelligence in school

AI Topics for Research Paper in College

College students should pick more difficult topics than high school students. Here are some AI topics for research paper in college that are not overly difficult:

  1. Tools you need to write an artificial intelligence program
  2. Regulating the AI field correctly
  3. Human judgment in artificial intelligence
  4. The major types of artificial intelligence
  5. Analyzing NLP algorithms
  6. Predicting the price of housing with AI
  7. Analyzing reinforcement learning in artificial intelligence
  8. Ethical problems with artificial intelligence

Computer Science AI Topics

Are you a computer science student? Do you want the most interesting computer science AI topics? Check out these ideas and pick the one you like the most:

  1. What is artificial intelligence? (a short history)
  2. Measuring water quality with help from artificial intelligence
  3. Email spam prevention with artificial intelligence
  4. Discuss automated weapons
  5. Is AI violating your privacy?
  6. Image recognition software
  7. Machine learning explained
  8. Artificial neural networks explained

AI Ethics Topics

Discussing artificial intelligence ethics issues can be a very quick way to get a top grade on your paper. Here are some of the most interesting AI ethics topics:

  1. Making the difference between right and wrong
  2. AI and discrimination problems
  3. Most important ethical issues with AI
  4. Robot assassins controlled by artificial intelligence
  5. Weapons system errors caused by artificial intelligence
  6. Is artificial intelligence biased?
  7. The need for tougher regulations
  8. Can AI become more intelligent than the human race?

Advanced AI Topics

Would you like to talk about more advanced artificial intelligence topics? We have a long list of advanced AI topics for you:

  1. Discuss the Bayesian inference
  2. Discuss amortized inference
  3. Analyze the most complex AI algorithm
  4. How does NLP work?
  5. How does machine learning work?
  6. How is Alexa using artificial intelligence?
  7. Siri using artificial intelligence
  8. An in-depth analysis of deep generative models

Artificial Intelligence in Space Ideas

As you probably already know, artificial intelligence is being used in space exploration right now. So why not write a paper about one of our artificial intelligence in space ideas:

  1. Artificial intelligence on the International Space Station
  2. AI use in telescope array systems
  3. Searching for alien life using artificial intelligence
  4. Exploring Mars using artificial intelligence
  5. Space exploration advancements related to AI
  6. Mars Rover Perseverance’s use of artificial intelligence
  7. Searching for Earth-like planets using AI systems
  8. Early detection of space bodies on a collision course with Earth

Interesting Topics in AI

If you want to write about some interesting topics, you have arrived at the right place. Check out these interesting topics in AI and choose one now:

  1. The artificial intelligence arms race
  2. Discuss robotics process automation
  3. What is synthetic intelligence?
  4. Analyze the emergent algorithm
  5. Discuss the concept of transhumanism
  6. Analyze the behavior selection algorithm
  7. The COMPAS program (US courts)
  8. Robots increasing unemployment rates in the US

Good Research Topics for AI

Looking for good topics to write about? Need a topic that won’t keep you working for an entire week? Here are some good research topics for AI that are also relatively simple:

  1. Japan’s artificial intelligence market
  2. Discuss Strong AI
  3. Deep learning algorithms in real life
  4. Making weather predictions using artificial intelligence
  5. Discuss Alan Turing’s Polite Convention
  6. How to ensure machines behave ethically?
  7. Discuss the Turing test
  8. Discuss the “AI effect”

Graduate AI NLP Research Topics

If you are a graduate and need to write an essay about Natural Language Processing, we have some very nice graduate AI NLP research topics right here:

  1. Cybersecurity and the use of machine learning
  2. Machine learning in lead generation
  3. Artificial intelligence in police drones
  4. Sending AI probes to distant planets
  5. Top artificial intelligence applications in robotics
  6. The limits of machine learning
  7. NLP limitations today
  8. AI help for terminally ill patients

Machine Learning Topics in AI

Machine learning is an integral part of artificial intelligence, so it warrants its own section. Pick one of these machine learning topics in AI and start writing your essay right away:

  1. Machine learning optimization
  2. Machine learning generalization
  3. Discuss supervised machine learning
  4. The Dimensionality Reduction approach
  5. Discuss training models for machine learning
  6. Analyze reinforcement learning
  7. The ethics behind machine learning
  8. Bias in machine learning
  9. Applications of machine learning in 2023

Hot AI Topics

Not all artificial intelligence topics are hot. There are some that have been trending for some time though. Here are some hot AI topics that should remain trending for a while:

  1. Can artificial intelligence help us prevent another world war?
  2. Machine learning and its contribution to the AI field
  3. How does reasoning work from an AI system’s perspective?
  4. Coding AI applications in Prolog effectively
  5. Seeing the world through the “eyes” of a robot
  6. Discuss the concept of predictive sales in today’s world
  7. Explain how a machine learning algorithm works

Latest Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence happen on almost a weekly basis nowadays. So, why not write about the latest trends in artificial intelligence:

  1. Greater Cloud
  2. Top artificial solutions for the IT field
  3. Structuring big data using artificial intelligence
  4. Discuss Automated Machine Learning tech
  5. Conceptual design aided by artificial intelligence
  6. Discuss the approach of Tiny ML
  7. Analyze advancements in quantum machine learning
  8. Discuss the concept of responsible AI

AI Risks Topics

Artificial intelligence, like any new technology, has some risks associated with it. Here are some of the best AI risks topics you can find online:

  1. Can AI become sentient and attack us?
  2. Can artificial intelligence be programmed to respect our privacy?
  3. Bias in data equals bias in artificial intelligence systems that analyze it
  4. Can a robot be trustworthy?
  5. The risks posed by narrow AI
  6. AI-controlled weapons of mass destruction
  7. Artificial intelligence used as a weapon in 2023
  8. The dangers of a superintelligent AI system

The Future of Artificial Intelligence Ideas

Are you interested in writing about the future of artificial intelligence? We have some very nice the future of artificial intelligence ideas for you. Check them out below:

  1. The future of humans in an AI-dominated world
  2. AI impact on our transportation industry
  3. Customer service benefitting from artificial intelligence
  4. Artificial intelligence replacing journalists
  5. Amazon’s heavy use of artificial intelligence in Fulfillment Centers
  6. Human rights in the era of artificial intelligence
  7. Artificial general intelligence and what does it mean
  8. War robots are not a thing of the future anymore

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