Scantron Cheating: Myth or Reality?

Scantron Cheating Hacks

If you are a student, you probably know how dangerous Scantron tests can be. You’ve also heard about Scantron cheating. The only problem is that you have no way of knowing which methods of Scantron cheating work and which don’t.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the Scantron system (as well as how it works) and the various methods you can use to try to fool it into giving you a 100% score. We will also talk about the most popular Scantron myths circulating on the Internet. Remember, Scantron cheating can sometimes be dangerous because, if you fail, your professor may notice your attempt.

But What Is Scantron?

Before we show you how to fool the Scantron using various methods, we must first explain to you what this system is and what it is designed to do. So, what is the Scantron machine?

Used in both K-12 and higher education, Scantron is a standardized testing methodology as well as an automated grading machine. You are probably interested in cheating the machine, so we’ll talk about it for a bit. The system uses OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) to grade papers. Light coming from a scanner illuminates the test paper and helps the machine recognize the dark marks made by students.

There is also an online version: the Performance Series. Can the Scantron test cause a child not to pass the current grade? This is a common question asked by parents who want to use the Performance Series. Tests will always begin at or near the child’s current grade and will adapt to his ability level. The test will become easier if the child submits incorrect responses and vice versa. So no, the test cannot cause the child to not pass the current grade – provided he has studied in-between tests.

Now let’s get back to the real deal. You probably know that you have 5 bubbles for each question, out of which you need to color one. The scanner will “see” the colored bubble and compare it with the key. The key is very important if you want to beat Scantron. It is fed to the machine by your professor and contains all the correct answers. The system will compare a student’s answers to the ones on the key. Now that you know how the system works, it’s time to get down to business.

How to Cheat on a Scantron Test – Let’s Find Out

You probably want a Scantron cheat because you are scared of the test. However, there are plenty of other reasons to try and learn how to cheat on a Scantron. Not everyone is scared of the test, yet most students search for a way to fool the system into giving them a 100% score. They probably do it because they would not be satisfied with anything less than 100 percent. Other students, unfortunately, have more pressing reasons to learn how to cheat a Scantron exam:

  • Perhaps you’ve suffered an injury or have fallen ill. This has prevented you from learning, so you are worried that you may not pass the exam. As a side note, did you know that you can get paid help from a team of experienced tutors and PhD degree holders in minutes right here?
  • You prefer to spend your time learning for other – more important – tests. We know that students have plenty of tests to deal with and that some are more important than others.
  • You probably want to make sure you pass or you absolutely need a top grade. Yes, students can fail a class if they fail the Scantron test. This is probably why you are looking to hack Scantron.

7 Ways to Cheat on a Scantron Test

Yes, there are ways to cheat on Scantron tests. This does not mean, however, that you cannot get caught. It also does not mean that you will automatically get a 100% score. Remember that your university may have some very tough penalties for cheating. Now that you have been warned, it’s time to talk about the 3 methods students have been using to cheat during these tests:

  1. The impersonation method. This is a pretty simple one, but you probably didn’t think about it. Basically, you find a friend of yours who knows the subject matter well and you ask him to come take the exam in your place. This may not work if your professor checks the identity of each student at the entrance of the lecture hall.
  2. The ringer method. You come with a friend to the lecture hall and your friend fills in the Scantron form. We will assume he knows what he’s doing. At the end of the exam, your friend passes the form to you and you write your own student ID. You can simply invalidate your form (which is blank or full of wrong answers) by entering an incorrect student ID.
  3. The erase method. You can leave certain answers blank until you find a way to get the correct answers (before the exam ends). For instance, you can ask to go to the bathroom. Also, you can erase wrong answers and choose the correct ones if you didn’t press too hard on the pencil.
  4. The copying method. You and your closest friends position yourselves in a V formation, with the best student in front of the formation. Everyone behind him will just copy his answers because the bubbles that are filled are pretty easy to see even from a considerable distance. A large lecture hall is the perfect place to try this.
  5. The black on black method. You can try to mark the black lines you see on the left side of the Scantron form. These lines are there to help the machine know where and how to scan the paper. Marking these lines works around 25% of the time, so you should try the method with the questions you really don’t know how to answer.
  6. The erasure method. You can erase the black lines on the left side of the paper using whatever means you deem necessary. This will sometimes cause the system to completely skip a question, thus giving you a correct answer.
  7. The hole in the paper method. Did you notice the big black block at the top of the Scantron form? We believe it’s there to tell the machine where to start scanning for questions and answers. By cutting it out, you can make the system skip directly to the block at the bottom of the form. The machine may consider that there are no questions on the exam paper, which should prompt it to give you a 100% score. This, however, is a risky maneuver. You can pass with a 100% score or fail the test completely. Also, your professor may notice the hole, so be careful.

A Scantron Hack: Is It Possible?

If you were looking for somebody to teach you how to pass every Scantron test, you’ve certainly run across some websites boasting about their ability to hack or crack the Scantron system. While this is probably possible (almost everything can be hacked), it is highly improbable that these services can hack a Scantron test. First of all, they don’t know the key. Second, most of these systems don’t rely on the Internet. They aren’t even connected to the Web, so you can’t access them remotely. And accessing them locally requires you to gain access to the inside of the machine. Pretty difficult to do when your professor is 10 feet away.

Scantron Cheats That Don’t Work

Also, if you’ve tried searching on the Internet for ways to get the Scantron to give you a 100% score without finding all the correct answers, you’ve probably came across some very strange “cheats”. These simply don’t work. Believe us, learning how to fool a Scantron is not easy. The system is constantly being updated to counter the latest attempts by students to confuse it. To make sure you don’t try any Scantron test cheats that will get you into trouble, we’ll list some of them here:

  • Using lip balm such as Chapstick on the Scantron form. This will certainly make the form greasy, but won’t fool the machine into giving you a 100% score. In fact, it can cause the system to mark some of your correct answers as incorrect. Don’t try this one because it definitely doesn’t work.
  • Using an incorrect pencil. Some students stated that they have received 100% scores by using a wrong pencil. You should use a #2 one because using another size might make you fail the test. Why? Because the system won’t be able to read it correctly and will not grade it at all. Why risk a failed grade?
  • Smearing the answers confuses the machine. It won’t make Scantron tests easier to pass. Even though it is clear that not filling the answer bubble fully can confuse the machine, it often leads to the system discarding the question and marking your answer as incorrect. In case the test is unreadable, you will fail completely of course.
  • Lightly shading the bubbles can get you a 100% score. Yes, this was a good way to fool the machine into grading an incorrect answer as correct – in the 1990s. Since then, Scantrons have evolved tremendously. There are several safeguards in place that make this method useless. It may even cause the machine to invalidate the entire test.
  • Writing “Answer Key” at the top of the test, in the Class field. Yes, this will cause the Scantron to reset. It will take your form as the answer key and replace your professor’s key. Great, right? Well, all the tests submitted after yours will fail – obviously. It’s going to be pretty clear who reset the machine. And besides, your teacher can simply look at your form and see that you’ve marked it as the answer key. Do NOT try this!

If you are looking for a Scantron test cheat, try to avoid the ones listed above because they do not work. We don’t know what other methods of cheating there are on the Internet, so we can’t say for certain that only the ones we’ve talked about work. However, whatever you try, make sure you have proof that it works. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a very tight spot when your professor notices what you’ve tried to do.

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