Funny Typos And How To Avoid Them

funny typos

We all make mistakes when we type an article review on a computer or send a text message. Autocorrect helps but it can be wrong at times too. This is the reason why we are constantly reminded to double-check our writing before we put it out there. For those who may not now, the typos definition is any kind of typographical error. These can be serious but there are also a lot of funny typos out there that can make our day. Here’s a list of typos broken up into different categories that are sure to you laugh.

Funniest Typos Ever

This list captures mistakes made to punctuation, spelling, and apostrophes. Learn from these typos by proofreading carefully or having somebody else proofread your work:

  1. Punctuation Mistakes:

    When this student was asked to list his interests, he wrote: My interests include: cooking dogs, shopping, dancing, reading, and watching movies. He added a comma in all of the right places, except when it was necessary between cooking and dogs.

  2. Funny Spelling Mistakes:

    One sign outside of an office read: Executive Bored Room. For anybody that hasn’t caught the mistakes, this is easily one of the most common because spellcheck won’t necessarily correct Bored to Board.

  3. Funny Apostrophe Mistakes:

    Pie’s and Burgers – This common mistake happens with a lot when one doesn’t understand the difference between the plural and the possessive uses of the apostrophe mark. Here’s another example: Employee’s Must Wash There Hands Before Returning to Work! Again the writer here used the possessive function instead of the plural. Did you catch the spelling error in the message?

Funny Church Bulletin Typos

We’ve seen pictures of clever messages posted on church bulletins to attract more people and get them to show up for services. But these are intentional and don’t qualify as funny typos. Some of the most famous typos have appeared from time to time. Here are two of our favorites.

  • A moment of silence for prayer and medication.

    We’re sure the pastor meant to write meditation, but medication after a boring sermon might just be the cure people needed.

  • This evening at 7:00 p.m. there will be a hymn singing in the park across the church. Bring a blanket and come prepared to sin.

    This certainly sounds like an unorthodox approach to get more people to show up. I’m sure people were surprised to learn they had to sing instead of sin.

Funny Typos on Signs

Funny mistakes are widespread on signs throughout the world. Some of our favorites are those that occur because of poor translations. These are honest mistakes that could have been avoided by using a professional translation service. But there is no excuse for the ones we list below. This is just poor proofreading by everyone involved:

  • Become a Partner in Pubic Education with the Red Lion Area School District

    Sex education is important in our public schools. But it’s no laughing matter and this accidental pun may be more Freudian we may think.

  • Good Guys Classic Burger: Anus Beef, Lettuce Tomato Special GG Sauce

    We are big fans of their Classic Burger – but little did we know what went into them.

Funny Text Message Typos

Check out this funny text typos example for a good laugh. You know you’ve been guilty of sending something before proofreading, so enjoy the fact that you are not alone:

  • Person 1) You’re Fred.

    Person 2) This is Janet. Your secretary.

    Person 1) Oh sorry Janet. Typo.

    Person 1) You’re Fired.

There is no way of telling if this funny typos text is accidental or part of an inside joke, but it’s clear to see how relying on spellcheck can lead to some funny comic SMS typos.

Funny Kids Spelling Mistakes

With so many parents giving away their old phones to their children, we’ve learned that kids are not immune to funny text mistakes. Here are some of our favorites.

  • I love my whore family – should be I love my whole family. But who can blame a 6-year old for misspelling words?
  • I like my techer. I like when she does meth with usI like my teacher. I like it when does math with us

We’re surprised that auto-correct couldn’t help with these funny texting mistakes, but then again most texting has evolved into coded messaging that an auto-correct program would be useless.

Funny Spelling Mistakes Facebook

Again, we can’t rely on social media to alert us of our mistakes. And with over 2.45 billion users, we’re sure to find plenty of typos funny. Check these two funny comma mistakes out:

  • Tables Are For Eating Customers Only – This post from a popular restaurant leaves an unsettling feeling if you don’t place a comma between Eating and Customers.
  • I like cooking my family and my pets – This classic post is from a few years back but still resonates for anyone that understands the importance of placing commas in the right places.

Funniest Trump Typos

This list of the funniest Trump typos were all sent via his Twitter feed – and some of them are beyond understanding:

  • Covfefe – It appears he’s referring to the negative press coverage.
  • Unpresidented act – here, the President is referring to China’s capture of a downed research drone in international waters. The mistake he made is trying to unprecedented act.
  • Hamberders – He was referring to his favorite food item, hamburgers, but once again fails.

Surely, we can all recall accidental funny tweets that we wish we had back if only to avoid having them being compared to the infamous Trump typos. When on social media, make sure you re-read your message (it’s usually quite short, after all) before posting on your feed.

Most Common Typos

Funny autocorrect mistakes you need to watch out for:

  • Public / Pubic (This is the second time we’ve seen this on our list).
  • Bowl / Bowel
  • Inconvenience / Incontinent
  • Prostrate / Prostate
  • Drums / Drugs

Do you see a pattern here? Relying on word processing software to make auto-corrections will lead to funny spell check mistakes. The best advice is to subscribe to a premium grammar checker which will take your word choices into context and ask if you are using the right word or to contact our editing service.

Do you know of any more hilarious typos or know any funny quotes about mistakes that you would like to share? We’d be happy to see them. Send us a message and we’ll wait to see if you make our updated list of the funniest typos for everyone to see.

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