40 Most Interesting Ethnographic Research Topics

Ethnographic Research Topics

Finding A-grade examples of ethnographic research topics may not be a walk in the park for college students.

The way of writing an effective ethnographic paper depends on the points discussed below.

So, here is a ready solution.

What is an Ethnographic Research Paper?

Ethnography is a social science method of research that counts on personal experiences within a subject group or a culture. Different instructors may recommend several writing guidelines for such a paper, but it generally follows a standard format. Such an arrangement incorporates a proper analysis and evaluation of the problem. Before we embark on learning how to write an ethnography, let us have a look at an ethnographic essay outline.

Structure of an Ethnographic Essay

The paper should follow the outline below:


It is where you introduce your thesis statement, which is the main idea of the whole project. A proper ethnographic research topic would form a strong foundation for this part. The reader should be able to see an overview of what to expect in the essay.


In this part, you explain how you did your research. Mention all the tools used and why you settled on them. It should be detailed and even a couple of in such a way that the reader can verify the information you used.

Presentation and Analysis of Collected Data

The findings should be placed on the table first. They should be in a logical manner, beginning with the essential facts. After that, analyze and precisely interpret the data. Let your readers know your criteria for interpretation before you start.


Different ethnographic research paper topics have different endings. However, the standard procedure is that you reiterate the most important points. Ensure that they are presented in an original way to make your conclusion not to look like a reversed introduction.

That is the first part; however, finding quality examples of ethnographic research topics is another battle. Yet, don’t panic, we’ve got a legion of professional soldiers to cover your back on this.

We are going to explore a list of ethnography topics in clusters of ten each to prompt you for more. Get that notebook as we embark on this exciting experience. The items strive to meet your high school and college ethnography topics requirements.

Let’s get right into it, gang.

We will start with the easiest ones as we slowly advance to the technical topics. There is something for everybody!

Easy Ethnography Topics for High School

  1. A study of the incisor tooth
  2. The best careers that people can settle on in 2023
  3. A survey of the lifestyle of a teacher
  4. A study of the health benefits of taking water daily
  5. A look at the importance of the sun to children
  6. How greetings are in Africa
  7. A study of the eating habits of dogs and cats
  8. A comparison of the red meat and white meat
  9. How wealthy children compare to needy children in academic performance
  10. A look at how children behave at home versus in school

Interesting Ethnography Topics for College

  1. An ethnographic study of the Chinese diets
  2. The inner perspective of the culture of skateboarders
  3. Critical issues on the social, cultural experience of the dancing
  4. How nurses make sense of their caring abilities on the job
  5. A study of how second-hand merchants impact the bookselling industry
  6. Evaluating the satisfaction of a patient with the quality of care in a hospital
  7. What myths and misconceptions surround the global connection
  8. A study on the effect of uniforms in schools
  9. How language impacts culture
  10. A survey of qualitative sampling in data collection

Great Mini Ethnography Topics

  1. How have malls changed the shopping sector?
  2. Racism and its effects on campus
  3. Values promoted by media productions
  4. How cultural productions interpret the history
  5. A study of the communities in New York
  6. Teamwork and its impact on football
  7. Reasons for differences in families
  8. How service staff view people
  9. Lives and cultures of the hotel industry
  10. How immigrants express their identity
  11. The view of people on gays
  12. Adjustments made by women to fit in societies
  13. Homeschooling and low grades
  14. Hunting as a rite of passage
  15. Wrestling and men
  16. Concerts and teens
  17. Cultural differences between different ethnic groups
  18. How political clubs are changing
  19. A study of street children in Africa
  20. Politics and the U.S

How to write an effective ethnographic paper depends on the points discussed above. There are several ethnography paper examples online to give you more ideas on what you can write. Do not limit yourself to the topics above; create more unique ones on your own.

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