100 Best Accounting Research Topics For All

accounting research topics

When pursuing higher learning programs, students are required to choose and write on different accounting research topics. Selecting the right accounting research paper topics is one of the most important parts of this project. Essentially, the choice of a topic influences the writing process.

How unique and creative accounting topics are influences the success of research papers. What’s more, choosing a topic that a learner likes make the writing process hassle-free and a lot easier. If looking for the best research topics in accounting and auditing, here are some of the ideas to consider before you start writing your primary research.

Interesting Accounting Research Topics

Students that want to score the best grades go for more than simple accounting research topics. Instead, they look for hot topics in accounting that impress educators to award them the best grades. Here is a list of some of the most interesting accounting topics for research paper.

  1. Discuss different ways of escaping financial fraud
  2. Discuss effective ways via which organizations can reduce tax
  3. How do the financial markets affect managerial accounting
  4. What does accounting theories mean for business
  5. What problems face the implementation of theoretical concepts when it comes to practical accounting?
  6. How do external factors affect the cash flow of an organization
  7. How effective is internet-based accountancy
  8. Discuss the historical perspectives of earnings management
  9. What are the risks in the analysis and design of accounting systems
  10. What the historical perspectives of the best practices in accounting?
  11. What are the latest accounting software developments?
  12. How important is accounting software
  13. What are the major accounting ethics dilemmas
  14. How valuable is rapid information for the modern accountant
  15. Discuss debt management in accounting
  16. Discuss the essential skills in forensic accountancy
  17. What are the major issues affecting normative accounting theory
  18. What is auditing collusion?
  19. What are the best practices in online business accounting?
  20. What strategies can organizations implement to enhance financial transparency?

Managerial Accounting Topics

Managerial accounting relates to the decisions and information that managers and investors use to improve the profitability and quality of organizations. Managerial accounting topics for research paper can cover, evaluate, discuss, or criticize the provisions of different accounting decisions and policies. They can also provide recommendations for the effective management of accounting information. Here are some of the best managerial accounting research topics to consider for your paper or essay.

  1. How to identify, quantify, and account for risk
  2. Discuss how activity-based costing add to the project value
  3. Discuss ways to allocate indirect costs to developed economies school projects that are funded externally
  4. Discuss how the project accounting part gains competitive advantage
  5. How is strategic management accounting applied in the publishing world
  6. Discuss the concept of strategic management accounting within the hotel industry
  7. Compare the practices of strategic management in emerging and developed economies
  8. How relevant is strategic management for an enterprise?
  9. Discuss cost accounting as a tool for managing material flow for manufacturing companies
  10. What are the effects of goods production costs on pricing in the process of making strategic decisions?
  11. What are the limitations and challenges of the implementation of cost accounting in the gas and oil sector?
  12. How can banks manage and mitigate risks?
  13. Discuss risk management in the agricultural sector
  14. Review different performance management models in manufacturing companies
  15. Discuss accounting in performance control systems for non-profit organizations
  16. Discuss performance and accounting management in the health sector
  17. Discuss how the top management employs performance management data when making strategic decisions
  18. Discuss how firms can enhance strategic performance and planning via decision support systems
  19. What are the crucial accounting decision support system elements?
  20. How do family firms apply management accounting controls?

Financial Accounting Topics

Whether you need accounting thesis topics or simple accounting research topics, this category has some of the most interesting ideas to write about. Here are some of the best accounting topics for research that touch on finances.

  1. Review the global accounting practices for fixed assets
  2. Discuss how differences arise in accounting methods when it comes to fixed assets valuations
  3. Discuss exploratory study modes’ efficacy in fixed asset financing
  4. Discuss how insurance companies account for and value liabilities
  5. Discuss the criteria that American banks use to assess long-term loans
  6. Discuss how a firm structure affects shareholder equity
  7. Discuss the effectiveness of shareholder’s opinion on the performance of a company
  8. Review the financial structure in inventory levels and supply chains maintenance in Hong Kong
  9. Acquisitions, mergers, stock pricing, and goodwill- Explore the established relationships via systematic review
  10. Explain how financial accounting regulations direct goodwill impairment treatment
  11. How does goodwill affect accounting information relevance when making decisions?
  12. Discuss the measures of avoiding tax as adopted by CEOs depending on gender diversity
  13. How does financial reporting affect enterprise risk?
  14. How does increased financial reporting frequency affect management duration?
  15. Discuss the differences in financial reporting practices globally and their effect on consolidated financial statements for multinationals
  16. Analyze the financial ration of companies that follow the IFRS lease accounting recommendations
  17. Is bankruptcy forecasting based on the analysis of financial ratios reliable?
  18. Analyze the failure and growth patterns for companies based on the analysis of their financial ratio
  19. Discuss the utility and relevance of forecasting the failure of business via the analysis of its cash flow
  20. Review the practices followed when reporting cash flow around the globe

Forensic Accounting Research Topics

If looking for advanced accounting topics, consider some of the ideas in this category. Topics in forensic accounting are ideal for university assignments. Here are some of the best topics for accounting research papers for learners in this field.

  1. How to use forensic accounting to check for fake business transactions
  2. Discuss the significant forensic accounting tools that are used by accountants
  3. Explain how forensic accounting save businesses from heavy losses
  4. Can businesses track finance fraud using forensic accounting software?
  5. How beneficial is forensic accounting for big businessmen globally?
  6. What are the most effective financial fraud reduction measures for organizations?
  7. Discuss and elaborate Goldman Sachs fraud case
  8. What were the different aspects of the Goldman Sachs case?
  9. How could have the Goldman Sachs case be prevented?
  10. How important are forensic accounts?
  11. What methods are used in forensic accounting examination?
  12. What skills should a forensic accountant have?
  13. How important are forensic accounting skills in the life of an accountant?
  14. What are the most effective measures that organizations can use to avoid financial fraud?
  15. What important details about the Goldman Sachs security case should forensic accounts know?
  16. What is the role of a forensic accountant?
  17. What are the best ways for investigating forensic accounting?
  18. What is computer forensic all about?
  19. Discuss the integration of forensic accounting as a core competency
  20. How does forensic accounting compares and contrasts with traditional accounting?

General Accounting Topics for Research Papers

Perhaps, you’re looking for simple accounting research topics or accounting presentation topics. In that case, consider accounting research paper topics ideas in this category.

  1. Discuss social accountability implementation in the public sector
  2. How can auditing work as the public sector’s accounting report control mechanism?
  3. Discuss the viability and transparency of quality assurance and policies departments in the oil firms
  4. Discuss the implementation of accounting standards in the public sector
  5. What role do firm characteristics play in accounting software selection?
  6. How relevant is cost accounting in budgeting and planning of multinational cooperation?
  7. What are the roles of accounting information in budgetary practice and business forecasting?
  8. How are accounting standards applied in the critical processes of a business?
  9. Discuss the prospects and problems of the application of accounting software in the management of small businesses
  10. How significant is the accounting information system in the financial performance of a company?
  11. How do internal control and data quality affect the financial performance of a company?
  12. What are the fundamental roles of the accounting software in a local business?
  13. How effective are the accounting information systems on the operational performance of industrial companies?
  14. Discuss accounting standards and organizational absorptive capacity for SMEs
  15. Compare the prospect and problem of managerial accounting standards in private and public companies
  16. Discuss the accounting technology application in the informal sector
  17. What role does cooperate governance play in accounting standards’ implementation in listed conglomerates
  18. How does investing in accounting information systems affect business performance?
  19. What limitations does forensic accounting face in the public sector?
  20. Discuss the major factors that affect forensic accounting in public universities

Whether you need PhD research topics in accounting or current accounting topics, consider some of the ideas in this list provided by our best assignment helpers. You can also choose controversial accounting topics to write about. Nevertheless, take the time to conduct extensive research before you start writing your paper.

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