100 Amazing Criminal Justice Research Topics 2023

criminal justice research topics

To score the top grades, students must choose the right criminal justice research topics for their papers and essays. Writing assignments in this academic field deal with justice and crime. However, the study field of a learner can be limited to specific academic barriers and choices. Criminal justice is a science. Nevertheless, criminal justice is generally a science that focuses on the study, analysis of the occurrence, and prevention of illegal acts.

But, what are some criminal justice topics that learners can consider? Well, students can select criminal justice topics for their papers by focusing on definite issues.

Criminal justice topics are limited and flexible because they offer hypotheses. However, criminal justice paper topics should be based on case studies or legislative acts. Additionally, students should be confident in terms of their ability to research and write about their chosen topics.

So, are still asking, what are some good criminal justice research topics? If yes, here are some of the great criminal justice research paper topics to consider.

Basic Criminal Justice Research Topics

Perhaps, your educator asked you to write an original paper. In that case, consider standard or basic research topics in criminal justice. Here are examples of such topics.

  1. What are the major problems in prison systems?
  2. What are the major crime prevention principles?
  3. Discuss the deterrence and rational option theory
  4. How does the law punish workplace and school sexual offenders?
  5. Why is capital punishment common among men than women?
  6. What are the most common features for ransom and kidnapping cases- Consider behavior style and motifs
  7. Explain the cybercrime’s legal perspective
  8. Crime prevention- What are the major principles?
  9. How to determine whether a person fired off accidentally or deliberately
  10. How are crime, justice, and mass media related?
  11. What is experimental criminology?
  12. Discuss Miranda vs. Arizona and its effect today
  13. What are victim services?
  14. Discuss juvenile recidivism
  15. A review of parental abduction laws
  16. How to prevent wildlife crime
  17. What is felon disenfranchisement?
  18. Describe the functions of forensic science
  19. How effective are witness protection programs?
  20. How do criminal cases differ from civil cases?

If you wish to write a simple paper, consider some ideas from this list of basic criminal justice topics. Nevertheless, make sure that you’re comfortable researching and writing about the topic that you choose.

Controversial Topics in Criminal Justice

Maybe you want to write a paper on a controversial topic. In that case, consider any of these criminal justice controversial topics.

  1. Major causes of college violence
  2. Biased investigations of African Americans
  3. Punishment versus reform- Which one is more beneficial?
  4. How good is a restorative justice model as a tool for criminal justice
  5. Should an insane person be exempted from liability?
  6. Is school-based drug testing ideal for colleges and high schools
  7. Is the current judicial system racial?
  8. What is the correlation between crime and race?
  9. How is juvenile delinquency related to bad parenting?
  10. Can prisons be decongested by restrictive housing?
  11. How can people protect themselves from false accusations?
  12. Should the names of sex offenders be included in public records?
  13. What causes controversy about prostitution legalization?
  14. How is crime linked to the social class of a person?
  15. Selective incapacitation- Is it effective as a crime reduction policy?
  16. How can eyewitness testimony facilitate crime investigation?
  17. How effective is community policing as a program for reducing homegrown crimes?
  18. How effective are youthful offenders’ boot camps?
  19. Should pornography be categorized as a form of sexual violence?
  20. How can the state enhance gun control?

This category has some of the best argumentative topics. That’s because somebody can argue from different angles when discussing some of these topics. Nevertheless, extensive research is required to compose solid papers on these topics.

Criminal Justice Debate Topics

Maybe you want to write about a debate topic. This category has some of the best topics to talk about in criminal justice. That’s because they mostly involve current issues that concern most people. Some of them are about problems whose solutions have not been found yet. Here are examples of topics in this category.

  1. How effective and fair is the death penalty as a way of deterring crime?
  2. How fair is the extradition law?
  3. Should deceit and trickery be used for interrogations and investigations?
  4. Should cooperation with informants in prisons be acceptable?
  5. Death penalty for juveniles- Should it be used?
  6. How effective are super-max prisons?
  7. Super-max prisons are cruel
  8. How can police shootings be justified?
  9. Drunk drivers’ punishment- Should it be severe?
  10. How effective e is zero-tolerance when it comes to crime reduction?
  11. Should criminal charges attract mandatory imprisonment without a possibility for parole?
  12. Should shaming become an element of criminal punishment?
  13. How are civil liberties threatened by the Patriot Act?
  14. Should the Rights Amendment for a victim be added to the constitution?
  15. Should plea bargaining be considered an acceptable means of settling criminal cases?
  16. American society needs more laws to prevent the cruelty meted on animals
  17. How humane is the U.S society?
  18. Discuss the Susan Wright trial
  19. What is political corruption?
  20. Discuss the Marbury versus Madison Case

Criminal Justice Research Proposal Topics

What are some good research topics for criminal justice that will get you the necessary funding? You’re likely to ask this question when writing a proposal for your research. Here are some of the best research proposal topics to consider in criminal justice.

  1. How does crime relate to aggression?
  2. Mental health problems like depression and the internet
  3. How mental health relate to violence
  4. Use of violence and torture towards criminals
  5. Invalidity or validity of Rational Choice theory
  6. Crime and violence- Are they nurtured or products of nature?
  7. Major trends in criminology
  8. Crime and dysfunctional families
  9. Basis, theories, and limitations of feminist criminology
  10. How crime occurrence can be reduced by the examination of criminal behavior

Juvenile Justice Paper Topics

Perhaps, you need juvenile topics in criminal justice for your academic papers. In that case, consider criminal justice paper topics, prepared by our writing professionals.

  1. Do children deserve the same trial with adults?
  2. Rehabilitation of children involved in violent crimes
  3. Should children and adults have the same prisons?
  4. Can juveniles be socio-paths?
  5. Should house arrest be granted to juvenile offenders that do not engage in violent crimes?
  6. What are the best solutions for teens that keep committing crimes?
  7. How can the criminal justice system deal with frequent juvenile offenders?
  8. Is punitive juvenile justice effective?
  9. How rampant is juvenile victimization?
  10. How effective are school-based juvenile programs for preventing crime?

International Topics Dealing with Criminal Justice

Several criminal justice issue topics can be addressed at an international level. Here are examples of such topics.

  1. How are international offenders treated currently?
  2. NATO ethics in Afghanistan and Iraq
  3. Violations of human rights in Uganda
  4. International intervention- When is it acceptable?
  5. Information accessibility and police cooperation at an international level
  6. Methods used by criminals to traffic drugs
  7. Analysis of an international criminal justice tribunal
  8. What the appeal process for the international criminal court?
  9. Discuss the issue of child soldiers during the Israel-Palestine conflict
  10. Discuss the XYZ Corporation’s transnational crimes

Criminal Justice Thesis Topics

A thesis topic should be interesting and relevant. If struggling to come up with a topic for your thesis, consider these samples for inspiration.

  1. Why do some offenders become criminals after servicing their sentences?
  2. How can legislation change the delinquency and violence levels in the U.S concerning drug use?
  3. How can wrong convictions be prevented?
  4. How do people influence the making of decisions of public policies about the criminal justice system?
  5. How accurately do television, novels, and movies depict a country’s criminal justice system?
  6. Does a criminal deserve cruel treatment and unlawful use of force by law enforcers?
  7. How effective are strategies for stopping or determining criminal behavior?
  8. How can the reentry of an offender to society be made seamless?
  9. Should law enforcers wear cameras?
  10. How effective and accessible is the judicial system?

In addition to these ideas, you can choose criminal justice reform topics or criminal justice ethic topics. Nevertheless, choose only topics you find interesting and comfortable working on.

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