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basketball topics

To some students, basketball is an apple of the eye to them. Since it is one of the sports offered at the high school, college, or university level, it is easy to develop interest at a young age. However, the problem might arise when your lecture assigns you a basketball research paper.

You might be the team’s pro but an amateur when it comes to crafting a succinct basketball research topic. If this is you, then this article is specifically meant for you. We have a list of professional basketball research paper topics to help you write a top-tier paper.

What To Consider When Writing Basketball Topics

The first thing you will need to understand is that basketball is a fun sport. Therefore, the topic should also be in line with the genre. It is not like a technical science field where the topics look like that serious math tutor.

Topics for a basketball paper should:

  • Be short and straight to the point
  • Be fun and exciting from the very onset
  • Display the specific aspect you wish to cover
  • Give your reader a chance to feel the thrill of the game

Because basketball is a competition, objectivity should always remain supreme. Do not write a topic that will sideline one team over the other. Ensure that you are not carried by emotions, especially when writing on your team, which lost a particular match.

Let’s now draw our focus to some of the latest basketball topics that can guarantee you tip-top grades:

Basketball Research Paper Topics For College

  1. What is the minimum wage that basketball athletes in college should receive?
  2. The role of the NBA in mentoring basketball superstars at college and university levels
  3. What are some of the challenges facing upcoming basketball players in college?
  4. Reasons why basketball should be introduced as a compulsory course for college students
  5. The health benefits of playing basketball to college students
  6. How students can balance between basketball and their academics

Research Papers on Basketball History

  1. What are the roots of basketball as a sport in the USA?
  2. Discuss the developments made in the basketball arena since its inception
  3. When was basketball first played in the US and its implications in the sporting world
  4. Evaluate major milestones made in basketball coaching and administration
  5. analyze the perception of basketball as a sport in the 1990s
  6. Compare and contrast the differences in basketball referring to its inception to now

Topics For Research Paper on Basketball Tactics

  1. Discuss why junior players are not allowed to shoot at 10-foot rims
  2. Why is post defense always behind, 3/4 front, or full front?
  3. How to best play against zone defenses and full-court pressure
  4. The best team-building exercises for basketball players
  5. Discuss ‘defending ball screens’ in youth basketball defense
  6. How effective is a man to man defense vs. zone at the youth basketball level?

Basketball Presentation Ideas

  1. How to teach basketball to amateur and professional players
  2. The most effective way of organizing practices for basketball in winter
  3. Discuss the strategies of selecting offenses, defenses, and plays in basketball.
  4. What to do after losing a basketball game to strong opponents
  5. What are the best conditioning and nutrition tips for basketball players?
  6. Research on the mental aspects behind every basketball game

Basketball Project Topics

  1. Useful training aids for basketball players in summer
  2. How basketball as a sport impacts a player’s physical health
  3. Does basketball require players to live a particular lifestyle?
  4. How to start a basketball culture in developing countries
  5. Why nutritionists and coaches need to collaborate
  6. Reasons why doping remains a thorn in the flesh for basketball professionals

Basketball Topics To Write About In High School

  1. Should we regard basketball icons as role models?
  2. Is basketball too dangerous for players with underlying health conditions?
  3. Ways of playing basketball in the wake of COVID-19
  4. How to manage time as a professional basketball player
  5. Why basketball players need psychological support after a loss
  6. The role of fans in a basketball match

NBA Basketball Topics

  1. The effects of coronavirus on NBA basketball competitions
  2. The influence of the Black Lives Matter campaign on the basketball
  3. Resumption of NBA basketball games after the lockdown
  4. The political influence in basketball as a profession
  5. The role of the media in covering NBA sporting events
  6. Discuss the impact of racism on basketball player selection

Basketball Documentary Topics

  1. Global COVID-19 aid to players and teams
  2. How the sports world continues to aid communities
  3. Considerations for the National Basketball Association’s trade deadlines
  4. The impact of stylish looks among basketball players
  5. How basketball contributes to creativity in the mainstream media
  6. The effectiveness of basketball matches without fans

Common Basketball Injuries Research Topics

  1. Foot/ankle injuries to the lower extreme
  2. Causes of hip/thigh injuries
  3. Why knee injuries are common to basketball players
  4. Hand/wrist dislocations
  5. Face/head injuries
  6. Muscle strains

Greatest Basketball Topics

  1. Strengthening training squats in basketball
  2. Jumping drills for NBA players
  3. The importance of zigzag drill
  4. Difference between a strain and a sprain
  5. Tips for keeping ACL injuries at bay
  6. Strength and stability exercise

Finding world-class basketball topics has never been easier. You can also seek professional research paper writing help from our experts online.

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