100 Best Environmental Research Topics

environmental research topics

Environment research topics can be about different aspects of the physical, chemical, and biological elements of the planet earth. The world has experienced a rise in many environmental issues. They include climate change, global warming, and air pollution. This wide array of issues that learners can investigate and write about makes choosing environmental research topics hard for some learners. If struggling to pick your environment project topic, here are some of the best ideas to consider.

Interesting Environment Research Topics

Research paper writing is a process that takes time. It entails addressing a specific issue in a detailed manner. Picking interesting environment research paper topics enables learners to enjoy working on their projects. It also enables them to come up with well-grounded papers that include all pertinent and relevant information. Here are some of the most interesting environment paper topics to consider.

  1. What are the impacts of climate change on human health?
  2. Are the industrial plants adjacent to water resources a major cause of human diseases?
  3. Why the world should switch from fossil fuels to hydrogen
  4. How can the destruction of coral reefs be stopped?
  5. How pesticides and wastes contribute to soil contamination
  6. Is ocean acidification a serious environmental problem?
  7. How permafrost melting affects climate change
  8. The reality and myths that surround global warming
  9. How the increasing CO2 concentrations affect the atmosphere
  10. How great is the human role in global warming?
  11. How important is paleoecology in environmental research?
  12. How important are small water sources in the environment?
  13. Explain the relationship between industrialization and acid rains
  14. How to switch to cleaner fuels and vehicles
  15. What are the impacts of coral reef destruction?
  16. Is a new ecosystem a possibility in the future?
  17. How does human activity contribute to acid rain?
  18. How does deforestation contribute to global warming?
  19. Will hybrid vehicles help in the control of atmosphere pollution?
  20. Can humans control global warming?

These ideas, suggested by our can also be great environment speech topics. Nevertheless, learners should be ready to conduct in-depth research to come up with factual and relevant information for their papers or essays.

Living Environment Topics for Research

A living environment is an assembly of the built and natural environment that is occupied by inhabitants that perform different social, economic, cultural, political, and religious activities. Here are some of the best living environment topics that learners can consider.

  1. How and why acid rain form
  2. How the amphibians relate to their environment
  3. How the environment contributes to asthma attacks
  4. How bacteria get into the food that humans consume
  5. How genetic diseases affect humans
  6. A comparative study of the dust found in different areas
  7. How climate change affects the environment
  8. Is composting a good or a bad thing?
  9. A comparative study of the roots of different plants
  10. A comparative study of the photosynthesis of different plants
  11. What is the purpose of crustaceans?
  12. How does the earth compare to a living organism?
  13. How do invasive species affect the environment?
  14. Explain how sewage treatment works
  15. Is the composition of soil similar everywhere?
  16. How do light sources affect aquariums?
  17. How do viruses work?
  18. Discuss the diversity of trees in your area
  19. Discuss the diversity of weed in your community
  20. How can the extinction of honey bees change the world?

Learners should pick environment essay topics in this category carefully to ensure that they enjoy working on their projects. Journals, books, and professional websites have information that can be used to write detailed papers and essays on these topics.

Great Environmental Science Topics

Students can also explore a wide range of environmental science research topics when writing papers and essays. Some of these topics address scientific issues that relate to the environment. This category also has great environmental biology topics and environmental chemistry topics. You can even get chemistry homework help if needed. Here are some of the best environmental science topics that learners in different study levels can consider.

  1. How climate change affects agricultural production
  2. An evaluation of toxicity and quality of fishing water
  3. A study of environmental temperature increase on thermal ecology of sea creatures
  4. The role of mangrove trees on a marine ecosystem
  5. How careless polythene bags disposal affects the ecosystem
  6. How air pollution affects child mortality
  7. How preventing environmental pollution can protect human health
  8. How humans can ensure a sufficient supply of safe water
  9. How can sustainable communities be fostered?
  10. How science can be used to defend endangered species
  11. How the World’s Oceans can be revived
  12. How to ensure an adequate supply of clean energy in the future
  13. How science can help in reducing global warming
  14. Environmental management plans for players in the hospitality industry
  15. How to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in freight transport
  16. How beneficial is nuclear power for the environment?
  17. How greenhouses can help in environmental sustainability
  18. How to use science in addressing climate change
  19. How do sustainability and recycling practices benefit the environment?
  20. What are the scientific implications of water scarcity?

It’s crucial to pick an environmental science topic that a learner is interested in and knowledgeable about. That’s because each of these environment project topics requires a learner to show clear understanding and knowledge of the scientific issue that they are supposed to address.

Health Safety and Environment Topics

Every country needs a healthy population to achieve economic goals. As such, this category comprises environment hot topics that most policymakers want to read about. Here are some of the best ideas that students can explore when it comes to environment safety topics for research papers and essays.

  1. Effects of economic development on environmental health
  2. Why is sustainable development important for the environment?
  3. How to integrate environmental health into sustainable development
  4. How curbing climate change will benefit human health
  5. How to lower pesticides exposure
  6. An evaluation of environmental influences on human brain development
  7. How Parkinson’s disease connect to genes and pesticides use
  8. Environmental pesticide exposure can lead to loss of the sense of smell
  9. How pesticides exposure can cause cognitive decline
  10. A study of the association between diseases and a person’s environment
  11. How involuntary tobacco smoke exposure affects a person’s health
  12. Environmental health and toxic chemical risks that people face in towns
  13. How traffic-related air pollution affects human health
  14. Can air pollution cause cancer?
  15. Who is affected the most by air pollution?
  16. Why is air quality improvement important?
  17. How climate change worsens the impact of air pollution on humans
  18. How air pollution can cause emphysema to nonsmokers
  19. How wildfires affect human health
  20. Discuss the interaction of human genes and the environment

This list of environment topics has ideas that require time to explore. Learners that pick topics in this category should be ready to research extensively before writing. However, writing a well-researched paper or essay on any of these environment projects topics will earn a learner a good grade.

Environment Debate Topics for Students

Some students struggle to come up with or find topics that can form a basis for debates. This category also has some of the best environment persuasive speech topics. Consider one of these ideas for your speech or debate.

  1. Animal and human rights should be the same
  2. Climate change is a major threat to humanity
  3. Companies should pay tax for carbon emissions
  4. Governments should ban fracking
  5. Vegetarianism should be made mandatory
  6. Governments should ban genetically modified organisms
  7. Organic farming is the future of modern agriculture
  8. Tourism is beneficial to the environment
  9. Governments should dedicate more land to national parks
  10. Governments should ban live exports of animals
  11. Governments should ban zoos
  12. Governments should ban fur sales
  13. Reduction of carbon footprint by individuals is the best way to address climate change
  14. Plastic bags packaging should be illegal
  15. Nuclear energy should replace fossil fuels
  16. Off-roading and over-landing is not good for the environment
  17. Climate change is reversible
  18. Nuclear power is necessary for the production of sustainable energy
  19. Genetically modified organisms are an aspect of a sustainable agricultural economy
  20. Organic farming is better than conventional farming

Students can also find environmental ethics topics in this category. A learner must show their stance on the environmental research topic that they choose. They should also show both the opposing and supporting views.

Whether students pick environmental economic topics, scientific, or ethical ideas to write about, it’s crucial to ensure that they are interested in their choices. What’s more, every learner should choose an environment essay topic that will enable them to accomplish academic goals.

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