How To Deal With College Stress? Best Methods

college stress

Stress is the silent killer. College students and stress are buzzwords these days as the pace of life in the 21st century seems to escalate each year.

Causes of stress in college students can often be laid at the feet of increasing responsibilities and demands on their time. College student stress is caused by crazy schedules and too much homework. Stress among college students is also rife among those who simply detest facing other students or tutors they don’t like.

College Student Stress Has Physical And Mental Consequences

At college, there is healthy stress – the kind of stress that makes a student adhere to their study timetable lest they fall hopelessly behind.

There is also bad stress. The effects of stress on college students is no joke as prolonged exposure puts you out of control and your personal perception is clouded by anxiety. The scales start tipping into a panic. This kind of stress can have an adverse effect on student performance in the classroom.

With stress and college students, the stress reaction itself isn’t particularly good or bad, but it is the choices a student makes to manage their stress that determines whether the stress is healthy or bad, whether it has creative effects or destructive effects.

10 Ways Of How To Deal With Stress In College

How to cope with college? Here are 10 great ways to get ahead of college stress and curb your anxiety levels that relate to school. Ways on how to handle stress in college that work for you might differ thought, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

  1. Time Management
    To fit in study time, you may need to reshuffle your schedules. Don’t set yourself unobtainable goals in an even more unrealistic timeframe. Not achieving your goal will just cause more stress. Don’t be ashamed to write things down when they need to be done. Maybe you can set up reminders in Google calendar.
  2. Make Requests
    Guard against trusting exclusively in your capabilities. College stress relief includes reaching out and roping others to help you when you feel overwhelmed by a task. If you feel that you need help, have you ever clearly asked your friends to help you with something you’re battling with?
    Talk to people whom you trust and who you fee you can share things with. Emotional support with people with whom you’re comfortable with can help you share openly and enjoy their support.
  3. Find the Pattern
    Stress in college students can be any one of many things. Stare the stress in the face, and don’t avoid it, but rather deal with it. Ask yourself what could be leading you to be stressed. Maybe you say ‘yes’ too easily and land up in situations that are stressful but you didn’t know how to say ‘no’.
    Perhaps you’re starting each college day scrambling to get out of bed in time from late-partying the night before. Each day is just chaos. Once you have identified the triggers, you can start working on fixing them.
  4. Conflict Management
    Private, neutral conflict management sessions can show the stressed college students how to resolve conflict and ease stress. These appointments with a reputable counselor can help the student discover their own ‘hot buttons’ and how to emotionally intelligently handle each conflict situation in a calm manner.
  5. Financial Planning
    If money is tight, relook your student budget and decide what to cut in the short term. If you’re in debt and have a good relationship with your parents, come clean with them and maybe they can help you out just this once.
    Learn how to work with the money you have. Stress-free jobs for college students needn’t be out of your reach. Even a waitron job can change things financially for you. Make sure the job is enjoyable to you otherwise it defeats the purpose and adds more stress to your life.
  6. Peace and Quiet
    Studying in a noisy dorm isn’t easy, but you need to focus on homework somehow. Try to designate an area as your study zone and stick to a regular study schedule. A designated study space free of distractions is essential – away from your cell phone, TVs or other electronic devices.
  7. Be Proactive
    Step back and get a grip on tasks that are critical to your day and require attention today. It can be debilitation knowing that you need to visit our parents but you keep putting it off as you allow other non-essential college-related events to fill your days.
    Don’t allow unnecessary events to fragment your entire day. Move important tasks that you’ve been neglecting up on your list to help you tick them off as completed. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then get college homework help. This will help you to manage the weeks ahead. Don’t only prioritize urgent stuff, but include activities that are also important such as exercise, time for planning and your relationships.
  8. Breathe
    Incoming emails, an angry co-student or a demanding tutor can typically result in shallow breathing leaving you out of breath and anxious. Even for guys, consider yoga because deep breathing from the stomach helps you think clearer and you feel less stressed.
  9. Sleep
    Adequate sleep is crucial for making decisions and being happy. Sleep isn’t negotiable – it is an appointment that a college student needs to keep if they want to be at their sharpest. Weeks of late nights can lead to sluggishness, a foggy, sleep-deprived brain, and a compromised immune system.
    As a student, make sure your bedroom is quiet, uncluttered and comfortable. Make sure you have a comfortable mattress and pillow. Just as a student makes such a conscious effort to recharge their cellphones, so they need to make the same effort to get in enough sleep.
  10. A Positive Outlook
    When stress and despair are threatening to overwhelm you, try to keep your sense of humor. You may lose your cool during stressful times, but try not to lose your sense of humor. Someone who is optimistic about life will face the challenges of life without fear of failure.
    As a college student in a stressful world, try to think constructively and creatively in trying circumstances and don’t allow thoughts of defeat to enter your mind.

Stress in College Students Statistics shows Alarming Numbers

College students stress so much these days that colleges are increasing the size of their counseling staff. They’re also having to find ways to manage the mental health crises on campus as students battle with –

  • overwhelming anxiety
  • personal appearance
  • sleep difficulties
  • personal health issues or that of a family member
  • sexual assault
  • school shootings
  • suicides
  • social media pressures
  • relationship problems
  • increased academic expectations from parents and tutors

According to a 2018 report from the American College Health Association, with college stress statistics, more than 69% of students experienced overwhelming anxiety while 40% said they were so depressed they had difficulty functioning.

Cindy Liu, PhD, and psychologist conducted a study by surveying over 67,000 college students from over 100 college campuses. College student stress statistics reveal that when students were asked if they’d had suicidal thoughts, 1 out of 5 students said they had thought of suicide.

Effects Of Stress On College Students

Stress college students experience can be harmful and can have mental, physical, emotional and behavioral consequences. The student will feel –

  • uptight, lonely, depressed, tearful
  • have headaches clenched jaw, nausea, palpitations, indigestion
  • poor concentration, low self-esteem, inconsistent communication, poor memory, procrastination
  • facial tension lines, nail-biting, increased alcohol intake, change in appetite

Putting your body into this sort of constant state of heightened anxiety will eventually damage your cardiovascular system. And when college stress has reached the point of depression, anxiety and panic disorders, it’s time to seek help. The secret is to know where this help must come from and how to handle stress in college.

Stress relief activities for college students need to include exercise. This is an excellent method of helping to reduce stress. Students who consider themselves too busy or stressed to exercise are those who would actually benefit most from exercise.

When you’re fit and healthy you just feel more at ease with yourself and the world.

There Is A Silver Lining

Being over-committed and having burnout can threaten the college student’s peace of mind. Get help from a trusted source if you need help with identifying and making changes to the way you’re living your life.

Every student can see the silver lining for what it is – a promise that when you set and keep to your ‘de-stress goals’ there is the promise that the sun will break through all your clouds again.

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