Homework Causing Stress? Learn To Manage It!

homework causing stress

We’ve heard many of our readers complaining about homework causing stress. But can homework cause stress? And if it can, how can you manage it? In this article, we will see whether homework can really cause you significant stress and some ways to deal with this stress. These findings are supported by relevant homework stress facts, most of them coming from scientific studies. You will also learn some very important things about homework procrastination and about how to avoid procrastinating. Read on to learn how you can improve your life and your grades in no time!

Is Your Homework Causing Stress?

Let’s start with the problem of homework causing stress. You’ve surely heard that too much homework causes stress. And it really is true. But how does homework cause stress? Studies have shown that the more school assignments you have to work on at a given time, the more stressed you are. There is even such a thing as homework anxiety disorder, where students are afraid of homework. People affected by this condition will procrastinate as long as they can and as often as they can.

Of course, the results are most often disastrous. As you surely know, not submitting your homework on time or not doing your homework at all will result in a low grade, which will affect your GPA. Some of our readers have even failed some classes due to high school or college stress. Let’s take a closer look at what science has to say about the link between homework and stress.

Relevant Homework Stress Statistics

Although you may not know how homework causes stress yet, some statistics will surely help you realize the link between the two. Here are some relevant homework stress statistics that you absolutely need to know to be able to manage the stress:

  1. 56 percent of the respondents of a Stanford study have indicated that homework is a primary source of stress.
  2. In the same study, many of the respondents wrote that homework related stress resulted in sleep deprivation and even some other health problems.
  3. Survey data and open-ended answers clearly indicate that the homework load results in less free time to spend with friends and family. It also negatively affects extracurricular pursuits.
  4. Too much homework can cause students to burn out. When this happens, they are a lot less productive and often stop working on the school assignments altogether. They tend to rely on their parents or an experienced academic writer for help.
  5. How much stress does homework cause? Studies show that working on your homework for more than two hours per night causes enough stress to keep you awake all night.
  6. Does homework cause anxiety? Yes, according to several studies. Some students have started to fear homework, which led to them failing certain classes. Homework anxiety is a real thing.

Ways to Deal With Homework Stress

Is homework causing stress? Yes, it most definitely does. However, you can manage this homework stress. And the good news is that it isn’t as difficult as you think. To get rid of homework anxiety and stress related to homework, you need to take a few easy steps and make a couple of simple changes in your life:

  • Stress and homework are linked, so you need to learn how to organize your time better. Split large projects into manageable parts and focus on just one part at a time.
  • Don’t do your homework during the night. It’s counterproductive. You should sleep and work on your school chores in the morning, when you have the most energy.
  • Find a quiet place to study and don’t use your phone, tablet or computer while working on your homework (except for gathering information from the Internet).
  • Don’t procrastinate homework. The longer you postpone writing that difficult research paper, the more stressed you will be when you eventually get to it. The deadline is in one or two days and you have no idea where to even start.

How to Not Procrastinate Homework

The last item on the list was about procrastination. We want to discuss this in a bit more detail. You should learn how to not procrastinate homework because it will save you a lot of stress down the road.

The best way to keep stress levels under control is to make sure you have plenty of time to finish each and every school assignment on time. When you have plenty of time to write that complex research paper, you won’t even have to worry about it. You won’t have to spend night after night working on your essays, so you will be well rested. You won’t have to worry about stress homework anymore.

In addition, by avoiding procrastination, you also diminish your chances of being affected by anxiety. The link between homework and anxiety has been proven to exist. Make sure you start early on each and every paper you need to write. This way you won’t have to worry about missing deadlines and getting penalized by your professors.

You Need Some Help!

Does homework cause stress? Yes, homework causes stress and it can be pretty detrimental for your mental health. This is why we recommend you get some help as soon as you notice that you are dealing with too much stress. Instead of struggling alone with all those nasty school chores, why don’t you try to study with a close friend or with one of your classmates? You can both share information and be more productive.

You may be able to learn how to deal with homework stress, but this doesn’t mean you can get rid of the stress right now. If you really need to take a breather, we suggest you use our assignment help services. One of our experienced ENL writers will take care of your essays and research papers while you spend a bit of free time with your friends and family. It’s a great way to get rid of at least some of the stress from homework.

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