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Choosing the best nursing research topics is a major challenge for many students. That’s because they want to choose up-to-date, interesting, and researchable topics in nursing. Essentially, students are required to choose the right topics to ensure the tutor’s appreciation and score high grades. But, this is not easy considering that nursing is a broad study field. Nevertheless, students can still choose nursing topics that they will be comfortable to research and write about and still impress their educators with their papers or essays.

How to Choose Nursing Research Topics

If struggling to choose a topic for your nursing essay or nursing term paper, follow these tips to make the right choice.

  • Conduct a preliminary research
  • Brainstorm by generating themes that your nursing research paper or essay can cover
  • Consider your interests but ensure that your ideas relate to what you’ve learned in class
  • Highlight the main phrases and keywords to include in your paper or essay
  • Consult your educator before you decide on your topic
  • Contact professional nursing homework helpers

The internet is a great place to find research topics for nursing students. Here are some of the topics that you can consider for your paper or essay.

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Are you pursuing a program that will see you become a pediatrician? In that case, you need great child nursing research paper topics. Here are some of the best nursing paper topics to consider in this category.

  1. ADH causes and treatment
  2. Neo-natal ward enhancements that can help newborns and young mothers
  3. Treatment for poor nutrition for pediatric patients
  4. Dealing with a low rate of survival among pediatric patients with cancer
  5. How to prevent child injuries
  6. What causes child mortality?
  7. What is the impact of healthy nutrition on the wellbeing of a child
  8. Preventative steps for eliminating the risk for intestinal parasites
  9. Chronic disorders development in children
  10. How to address constipation in children
  11. How to treat near-drowning among pediatric victims
  12. What is the major child mortality cause in the U.S?
  13. How has neonatal care evolved over the last 50 years?
  14. What are the best treatment strategies for malnutrition in kids?
  15. Are the current measures for preventing infant injury at childbirth effective?
  16. What are the major pediatric care ethics?
  17. What strategies should be adopted to prevent child obesity?
  18. Why are the current strategies for addressing obesity in children failing?
  19. What causes seizures in kids?
  20. Analyze antibiotics resistance among children

This category has some of the best evidence based practice nursing topics. That’s because writing essays and papers about some of them require the input of a practicing nurse.

Evidence Based Practice Nursing Research Topics

Evidence-based practice is a key principle in modern medicine. This is a medical practice whose basis is solid research. It adheres to the highest quality and safety standards. As such, nursing evidence based practice topics are some of the best options to consider. Here some of the best evidence based nursing topics to consider.

  1. Can care quality be enhanced via evidence-based nursing?
  2. What is the perspective of evidence-based practice of palliative care within an inpatient setting in the U.S?
  3. How to cater to patient preferences via evidence-based nursing approaches
  4. What are the practical implications of the evidence-based nursing theoretical foundations?
  5. Analyze the evidence-based support for the requirements of the Continuing Professional Development in nursing education
  6. How does the evidence-based practice help in treatment selection procedure when providing nursing care?
  7. Senior nurses and their attitude towards evidence-based practice application in nursing care
  8. What is the relationship between professional excellence and nursing education?
  9. Implications of the evidence-based approach in nursing staff recruitment and screening
  10. Evidence-based nursing for disabled people in inpatient facilities
  11. Evidence-based practice in the provision of mental health nursing care
  12. Why evidence-based nursing is a highly recommended approach
  13. Explain evidence-based nursing practices in their historical context
  14. Analyze the gap between actual knowledge and evidence-based nursing practice
  15. What are the major challenges in evidence-based nursing practice implementation?
  16. What are the attitudes of the nursing staff towards evidence-based practice implementation?
  17. How can social media be used to provide evidence-based nursing care?
  18. How can safety be defined in the practice of evidence-based nursing care?
  19. Analyze the evidence-based approach in the real-world context
  20. How can a nurse employ evidence-based practice to provide self-care?

This category also has some of the best nursing capstone project topics. Nevertheless, extensive research should be conducted to gather relevant information on any of these topics.

Pain Management Nursing Topics

Pain management can be a great field to find hot topics in nursing. If looking for more than just good nursing research topics, here are some of the best ideas to consider.

  1. A close analysis of hemophilia pain management
  2. Analyze the perception of fetal pain by medical experts
  3. Is the application of cognitive hypnotherapy effective in pain management?
  4. What are the best pain management practices for women in labor?
  5. Describe the best long-term pain treatment alternatives
  6. Analyze Benson’s relaxation therapy in pain management
  7. What are the major pain disorders that result from improper management of acute pain?
  8. A close analysis of post-discharge pain-management strategies
  9. Discuss the best pain management methods in kids with life-limiting diseases
  10. Analyze non-pharmacological methods effect in pain-relief among adolescents
  11. What options do fibromyalgia patients have when it comes to pain management?
  12. In what ways can the techniques for assessing pain may be improved?
  13. What is the best regime for postoperative pain management?
  14. Explain how the role of a nurse has changed when it comes to pain management
  15. Innovative methods for pain management and prevention in chronic illnesses
  16. Discuss the major end life or palliative care interventions
  17. Discuss innovative and theoretical methods of assessing pain
  18. How effective is cold therapy for pain management?
  19. Discuss ethical issues in the management of pain
  20. How far have nurses come in the management of pain in children?

This category has some of the best research topics in nursing. That’s because the number of people dealing with chronic pain is increasing. As such, the healthcare sector is looking for ways to enhance pain prevention and management. Thus, this category can also have some of the best nursing quality improvement topics.

Ethics Topics in Nursing

Ethics is an important talking point in nursing. As such, ethical topics in nursing can form the basis of great papers and essays when researched properly. This category can also have some of the best controversial topics in nursing because people have varying opinions about ethical issues. Here are some of the best topics in this category.

  1. Personal values of a nurse
  2. Should a nurse establish a contractual relationship with a patient?
  3. Are ethics important for a nursing foundation?
  4. When can a nurse decline to provide care?
  5. Ethical issues that compel nurses to quit
  6. Should a nurse discuss ethics with his/her family?
  7. What are the major ethical issues faced by nurses?
  8. How important is altruism in the nursing profession?
  9. How can social care define the social responsibility of nurses?
  10. Can the role of nurses as psychological counseling providers to individuals that need social care be determined?
  11. Does social care in the healthcare sector for the needy and poor people fall under nursing ethics?
  12. Should a nurse consider nursing ethics in a situation where their professional rights are being compromised?
  13. Explain how nurses can preserve and save a patient’s human rights by adhering to their ethics
  14. What ethics can be associated with nurses’ human rights?
  15. Is maintaining a balance between nursing ethics and human rights difficult sometimes?
  16. Discuss the crucial things that a nurse should have in mind when practicing their human rights.
  17. How the human rights of a nurse differ from those of other people
  18. How can a nurse ensure that patients do not feel trouble within the hospital setting
  19. How to determine the quality of the services that a nurse offers for the patients’ wellbeing
  20. Why can a nurse lack dignity in the eyes of doctors?

If looking for ethical or controversial nursing topics, consider some of these ideas. Nevertheless, take your time to research your chosen topic to come up with solid papers.

Elderly Care Nursing Paper Topics

Maybe you want to write a research paper on elderly care. In that case, consider the nursing research paper topics in this category.

  1. How to lower cardiovascular risk among elderly patients
  2. Protecting the elderly against Parkinson’s disease
  3. Critical care provision – What are the requirements?
  4. Joint disorders – How to prevent them
  5. Restless Legs Syndrome explained
  6. Atrial fibrillation analysis
  7. How to prevent stroke
  8. What is the foundation of osteoarthritis treatment in elderly patients?
  9. Symptoms and interventions for hearing loss that is linked to old age
  10. Causes, prevention, and treatment of malnutrition in elderly patients
  11. Describe a regime for light exercises that prevent bone fractures and falls
  12. Advantages of personalized geriatric care
  13. What are the most important aspects of diabetes in elderly patients’ care?
  14. How to organize and plan geriatric patient discharge
  15. How to detect and prevent suicide attempts by elderly patients
  16. How to make a dying patient comfortable in the last days of life
  17. How can technology enhance care provision for geriatric patients?
  18. What should you do if an elderly person declines to take medication?
  19. How can you identify an abused elderly person?
  20. Why do some elderly people become defiant?

Whether you need qualitative or quantitative nursing research topics, you have many options to consider. Nevertheless, choose an interesting topic that you’re comfortable researching and writing about. Also, you can take a look at our biology topics prepared by our experts.

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