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You may be wondering why we chose to write such a lengthy blog post on the concluding sentence. Don’t worry; The reasons will become very clear – very soon. When your professor asks you to write an essay, he or she expects you to pick the right topic, the research said topic in great depth, and write an excellent academic paper. You, of course, should adhere to all the relevant academic writing standards. In most cases, you will be asked to write an essay in APA, MLA, or Chicago style.

But did you know that there is one minor thing that is always getting students penalized? Not making the most effective use of the concluding sentence almost invariably leads to penalties. And this is precisely why we’ve put together this article. You’ll find all the information you need right here, including some of the best examples. Read on!

What Is A Concluding Sentence?

Most students focus on finding the best concluding sentence starters. They are looking for concluding sentence examples. However, very few of them start with the beginning. Before you can effectively use this sentence, you should know what it is and what it is used for. You must understand the concluding sentence definition. So, what is a concluding sentence?

Basically, the concluding sentence is used to indicate to the reader that the paragraph is coming to an end.

It is a very important part – or it should be a very important part of your writing – because it greatly helps you improve the flow of your essays. Without these sentences, your writing will be choppy. You will bounce from one paragraph to the other and will confuse your readers pretty quickly. So yes, it really is very important to know how to write a good concluding sentence.

Commonly Used Concluding Sentence Words

Now that you have your answer to the “what’s a concluding sentence” question, let’s talk about some of the best words to use in such a construct. The words you choose are important, of course. If you are looking to learn how to start a concluding sentence, here are some of the best concluding sentence words to use (in any essay, in any format):

  • Finally
  • Overall
  • In conclusion (this one is the obvious conclusion sentence word)
  • In general
  • To this end
  • As a result
  • For this reason
  • Consequently
  • In brief
  • Accordingly
  • With this in mind
  • Therefore
  • Thus
  • In short

Of course, there are many more conclusion sentence starters you can use. The ones listed above are just some of the most commonly used. Word of caution: don’t confuse concluding words with transition words.

Transition sentences usually start with words like consequently, likewise, for example, in other words, at any rate, in particular, on the contrary, in addition to, on one hand, etc.

These are used to make a smooth transition to the next paragraph, and should usually be avoided in a concluding sentence.

Don’t Know How to Write a Good Concluding Sentence?

So, how to make a good concluding sentence? You now know what is a conclusion sentence and you know the best words to use. It’s time to learn how to write a conclusion sentence for the best custom assignment writing. Your sentence should:

  1. Reiterate the main idea of the section (or paragraph).
  2. Briefly summarize the main discussion points of the section.
  3. Be the very last sentence or phrase in the paragraph.
  4. Never introduce new ideas not discussed previously in the essay.

The best way to learn how to use these sentences is to read as many conclusion sentence examples for essays as possible. Why? Because each conclusion sentence example teaches you how to properly structure the sentence. It’s not difficult to write one once you know how it should look like. And since we know you really need to learn how to write a concluding sentence, we’ll give you some examples right here.

9 Best Concluding Sentence Examples

We’ve asked our professional writers to come up with some interesting ways to write conclusion sentences. We are happy to offer these conclusion sentence examples to our readers absolutely free. So, feel free to use these best concluding sentences as you see fit, anywhere in your essays. After all, you are here to learn how to write concluding sentence constructs. Every concluding sentence essay writers need to know is right here:

  • In conclusion, the authors proved that the results of their research clearly indicate that smoking should not be banned.
  • Consequently, my position is 100% correct. The main cause of obesity is the proximity of fast food establishments to schools.
  • In short, the two authors managed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that eating more vegetables adds 4 to 7 years to one’s lifespan.
  • For this reason, we are forced to consider that the two studies fundamentally change how the NYSE views speculative trading.
  • Accordingly, it is my own opinion that euthanasia should be legalized in all US states.
  • To conclude, women in India are far less likely to get a high-paying job than men. (one of the easiest concluding sentence transitions)
  • Finally, the evidence presented and the fact that drug abuse is a real problem in the US society are clear signs that legislation needs to be toughened.
  • With this in mind, it is safe to assume that a vegetarian diet has the potential to decrease cardiovascular problems in men aged over 40. (a quick concluding sentence example)
  • To this end, the three studies demonstrate without a shred of doubt that the use of steroids should result in a lifetime ban from sports.

A Word on Concluding Sentence Generator Software

So, as you can see, using a concluding sentence in a paragraph is not difficult. And neither is learning how to make a concluding sentence. You can use any concluding sentence example above in your own essay with excellent results. This is why you don’t have to search for concluding sentence generator software. These automated tools almost never do a good job. The sentences they generate are out of context and read as though they were written by a robot (which they actually were). Write your own concluding sentence for each paragraph or learn from the examples of the expert essay writers – and you’ll become a master in no time!

And if you are still struggling you can always buy assignment online from our company to conclude any type of assignment for you. Our writers are experts, and your professors or teachers are going to give you high grades for the assignments you submit made by us. And no fear of anyone finding out, because our writing service is very secure. So don’t stress too much because there is always an option.

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